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Why Spray the Skies?

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And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. Revelation 8:11 (KJV)

G. Edward Griffin’s excellent film entitled ‘What in World are they Spraying” educated us all to the deadly toxins that are being sprayed into the atmosphere as those stripes across the sky called ‘chemtrails’, or ‘persistent contrails’.  It is geoengineering disaster for us all.

Now comes the follow up film called “Why in the World are they Spraying” that begins to fill in the picture…and its all about world domination.

Who is doing the spraying? This is Satan’s design, and Satan’s confusion.

Does this fit Scripture’s description of ‘Wormwood’?  How are chemtrails one of the signs of the end times? Do the chemtrails poison the food, so it becomes bitter like the plant wormwood?

Open thread!

Geoengineering Disaster

©2011 drkate

Geoengineering. The deliberate large scale artificial modification of the earth, watersheds, oceans, and atmosphere.

the biggest greenhouse gas is water vapor!

Look up any definition of geoengineering and you will be bombarded with fuzzy and warm reasons why as a field it is only aimed at reducing the effects of man-made climate change, or ‘benignly’ increasing rainfall by cloud seeding in arid areas.

But as readers of this blog have pointed out, ‘geoengineering’ as chemtrails, HAARP, the explosion of the BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico, earthquake generation, tornado activity, and now the flooding of the entire mid-west via the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers are simply activities that create or have magnified disaster.  The ‘crisis’ created allows the government the ‘opportunity’ to step in and take over.

What is developing in the midwest from the Dakotas to Missouri is a deliberate food disaster of epic proportions, and it originates in the manipulation of the hydrologic cycle in the upper basin states. Crops cannot be planted because it is too wet from rain, and those crops already underway in the lower basin states are underwater and long gone.

The crisis of Garrison Dam non-releases, in North Dakota, is an issue I will write in depth about in coming posts. As Lame Cherry points out, and as news reports confirm, the Army Corps of Engineers admits that it did not make room for expected high runoff [enhanced by cloudseeding and chemtrails].  But did the Army admit the reason? No.

But I know, and its for the birds.  I wonder who ordered the large scale use of the dams to conduct sediment movement  studies across a seven state region for birds and fish instead of protecting the cities and farmland from floods?

And that’s not all.  The airspace above a nuclear power plant in Nebraska threatened by flooding is closed, and there are rumors of a radiation leak.

In the next few days I will be posting some articles on the major geoengineering threats facing our nation and propose a series of strategies to address them.

A  heads up and open thread!

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