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Obama Tells Muslims He is With Them

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The only things visible are the crescent moon and a star.

“I will stand with the Muslims”…Against America. The foreign agent revealed

Open thread.

Caution: Provocation Zone

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Another poke in the eye heart of America comes zinging in on a Friday night as the imposter in chief endorses the mosque mask at Ground Zero under the patently absurd statement that allowing the mosque is ‘religious freedom’.  The Radio Patriot asks, are we surprised?

Psst.  Soebarky, Islam is a state-sponsored religion, which is DISALLOWED under the Constitution’s true meaning of  ‘religions freedom’.   And your constant lying about the true meaning of Islam is a transparent monstrosity.

This outrageous support on top of everything else is intended to inflame.  As Americans gather at Ground Zero on 911, Ramadan is ending as well.  A good piece of advice  around here (h/t RichT) is ‘keep your powder dry’. Help your neighbors do so as well.  This is very close to our doorsteps now, Citizens, but do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

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Truth as “Hate Speech”

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One of the very best sessions at CPAC was Pamela Geller’s session on the Freedom Defense Initiative, which seeks to proactively defend our country from the attacks of radical Islam.  Geller believes, as I do, that our country has been infiltrated at every level of society–including the White House–by radical Islamic elements intent on doing great harm to our nation.  It is time to realize, says Geller, that Islam is not a religion, but a dangerous political ideology that intends to subjugate the world to its sharia law mandates.

We have been lied to consistently by Obama, the fool Janet Napolitano, and members of our military leadership as to the threat of Islam in the United States.  The military put out a report on Nidal Hasan, the murderer, without so much as mentioning Islam, Muslim, or terrorism.  The underwear condom bomber was Mirandized and given a lawyer as if he was an American citizen.  And five Muslim soldiers were arrested at Ft. Jackson this week for attempting to poison the food supply of our soldiers–before Christmas!

The two videos that follow are essential viewing.

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