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The Sheriff and the Tea Party

©2011 drkate

A Sheriff is a constitutional officer as he is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as the Constitution of the state he is in.  He is a law enforcement officer. As stated in this post and related to the Sheriff’s important role in reporting the crime of misprision of felony,

The Sheriff … should be one of the recipients of your letter alerting officials of the crime committed by Obama on April 27, 2011.  The Sheriff is one of the last lines of defense against constitutional incursions, be they by a usurper or by the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

The Sheriff has the authority to execute the laws of the state, and most recently has been featured as a critical constitutional authority enforcing the Second Amendment through several states’ Firearms Freedom Protection Act.  In most cases the Sheriff has the right to arrest any federal agent attempting to enforce federal firearms rules on its citizens.

On August 21, 2011 the Surprise, AZ Tea Party sent a letter to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio asking him to investigate Obama’s April 27, 2011 birth certificate, ‘having exhausted all remedies‘ for its examination.  Less than one month later, THIS Sheriff responded with a “Posse Certificatus” (h/t WND) consisting of seasoned investigators. He easily defends his actions (h/t ORYR):

There are reports that two other Sheriff’s have been contacted to conduct an investigation.

Keeping Obama Off the 2012 Ballot

In combination with the 10th Amendment legislation passed by the states much can be done to prevent the fraudulent Obama from even being on any state ballot, even without such state-passed eligibility legislation.

Breaking her oath of office

There are fraud statutes that prevent the defrauding of public officials such as the Secretary of State.  We know that Pelosi submitted a fraudulent document to 49 of the 30 states verifying Obama was eligible under democrat party rules, and one additional fraudulent document to Hawaii stating Obama was constitutionally eligible.

What is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz going to do?  Lie to every state that Obama is constitutionally eligible and get thrown in jail for fraud because she can’t prove it?  A complaint of fraud would need to be filed immediately with the SOS office and the Sheriff in each state, calling for an investigation.  Don’t forget the excellent work of jbjd during and after the 2008 election, which were highlighted in Jerome Corsi’s book, and tools she prepared to spot the fraud.  These are useful today as you follow the paperwork in progress.

Candidate Challenges

Since none of the Republican presidential candidates have bothered to raise the issue of eligibility of Obama, the least thing they can do is to challenge the FEC ruling allowing a foreign-born person eligible to run for office.  A legal challenge should be immediately filed by one of the candidates.  The FEC cannot decide this nor can Congress.

Besides, we already have a definition that has been established for 235 years.

Click to Register for the Birther Summit. Today.

Two Tributes

©2009 drkate

Greetings Patriots!  Thank you for your patience as our family works with this next phase in our lives.  Please enjoy this heartfelt tribute to our Armed Forces and the Common Man, published in 2009.

For our men and women of the Armed Forces…

For the common man…

All American.

Open thread!

Kerchner v. Obama & Congress Scheduled for Supreme Court Conference November 23, 2010

©2010 Cmdr. Charles Kerchner


Kerchner v Obama & Congress et al Petition for Writ of Certiorari scheduled for Conference on Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010, with U.S. Supreme Court.

We are living through history in the making. Please read or re-read this historic Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court asking them to support and defend the Constitution … in particular Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, the presidential constitutional eligibility clause.

Read or re-read the Petition then read this ad. Copies attached for your convenience. Then meditate on the words in both and then pray that the Justices do the right thing on Tuesday and support and defend our Constitution and Republic and grant Certiorari and take up our case and seek the truth about Mr. Obama the usurper, impostor, and fraud now occupying the Oval Office.

Mr. Obama and his puppet masters and his enablers in political power and in the main stream media have perpetrated and allowed to continue the greatest fraud on this nation in the history of our Republic and he needs to be exposed and removed.  See the  Washington Times National Weekly Edition, 22 November 2010, p. 5 for an overview of the Petition and the issues.

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Kerchner and Apuzzo Interview on Revolution Radio

©2010 drkate

In case you missed it, the Revolution Radio interview with Commander Charles Kerchner and Attorney Mario Apuzzo is available here for your listening pleasure.The interview focused on the Petition for Writ of Certioriari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.  As the last interview before the November 23 Supreme Court conference on the case, it was a rare opportunity to talk with these two defenders of our Constitution.

Why we need to have a definition of ‘natural born Citizen‘:

Shooting the Messenger

©2010 drkate

Imagine yourself in the boots of LTC Terrence Lakin, respecting, following, living this Chain of Command your whole working career.  Sharing the pride in being a member of the U.S. military as a defender of the Republic. Conducting your job as a medical officer in theaters around the world.  Participating in the amazing story of America as the will of a people–demonstrated in part by the civilian leadership of our Armed Forces.  Shown on a wall in the Pentagon, it is reinforced every day.

One day, a high-flying, inexperienced perpetual candidate pops up out of nowhere and posts the equivalent of  nothing on a website. He claims to be a ‘native’ of America and born in Hawaii to some ‘African’ man and an underage white girl of U.S. citizenship.  The entire media and the Congress bury the fraudulent document and a fraudulent presentation of credentials and anyone who questions them.

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Calling Obama’s Bluff

©2010 drkate

America’s Tienanmen Square is coming–heck, it is already here.  If you don’t believe that our lives are at stake with a usurper occupying the White House, ask Lt. Col. Lakin.

LTC. Terry Lakin, Calling Obama's Bluff

Remember, LTC Lakin is facing being mowed over by a tank hard labor in Leavenworth because he called Obama’s bluff dared to ask Obama to prove himself eligible to order men into war.  Obama would rather put a decorated army officer in jail than produce a $20 piece of paper.

LTC Lakin is defending our Constitution and our rights–do not let this brave man get run down in broad daylight.  Remember there are others standing right there too–Commander Charles Kerchner, in fact standing despite all who say there is none.

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Pressure Cooker

©2010 drkate

The Usurpathon Strikes Again

After walking into the belly of the beast, in particular walking into the Monocle, a Senate-owned bar and grill just steps from the Capitol, the Platoon is undertaking a variety of activities during October.  This post briefly outlines a few efforts, and hints broadly about others. 🙂

The Prima Facie evidence of Obama’s citizenship–aka, the long form Birth Certificate, is the focus of Phil Berg’s October 23  Birth Certificate march, and our own NoNonsenseNancy will be attending in force, with force, reinforcing Obama’s dual citizenship and ineligibility.  The interesting aspect of this is we need to see his Birth Certificate in order ascertain if he is American.  We already know he is British, Kenyan, Indonesian… is he American?

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Defending our Defenders

©2010 drkate

In the midst of one of the greatest assaults on our Nation since its founding– the usurpation of the Presidency– We the People have turned to the Constitution as our guide to identifying and resolving the problem of Obama’s on-going violation of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 and other Articles of the Constitution.

On the table in recent days are reports of Obama’s mental state as a disability and removal through the 25th Amendment, and with a hat tip to reader KM,  Article II of the Constitution itself.  Both avenues are worth considering and seem a reasonable way to remove a usurper, but many including me  are left with questions,

what about the civil and criminal charges against Obama, his ineligibility, and all the things done under his watch, and the court-martial of LTC Terry Lakin?

The answer to these questions is  still the Constitution as we defend our defenders:  those who have risen to defend our Constitution and are in the arena,  fighting for all of us:  Commander Charles Kerchner–with the brilliance of Mario Apuzzo, and LTC Terrence Lakin, having the integrity to obey his oath of office and ensure his orders are legal.   The love of country more than self, the absolute integrity of upholding the oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God, has not failed.

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©2010 drkate

The absolute, imminent  danger that faces the  United States with a constitutionally ineligible person acting as President and Commander-in-Chief  can never be underestimated.   Every other constitutional violation that exists now, while true, has no meaning and cannot be addressed, as with an ineligible President, the constitution is not in force.

The national security of the United States is cited as a major reason why the Supreme Court should grant the Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.  That ‘national security’ is now in the hands of a the ineligible Obama, a controlled puppet doing the business of others, under the usurped authority of the United States.

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A Test for the Supremes

©2010 drkate

This case is about whether our nation should allow a precedent created by a popular vote to stand that makes it possible for an individual who is born with dual and conflicting foreign allegiance to become President and Commander-in-Chief of the Military.  This case is about whether we should allow a critical question such as the meaning of a ‘natural born Citizen’ to be answered by the political parties and the people through their act of voting at the polls, or by the judicial branch of government…

On September 30 2010, a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to grant a Writ of Certiorari in the Kerchner v. Obama and Congress lawsuit was filed by Attorney Apuzzo for Commander Kerchner.  Painstakingly shepherding this case through the proper legal procedures for more than twenty (20) months, without legal error or misstep,  Commander Kerchner’s  case is finally ripe for judicial review.

The petition delineates in considerable detail the reasons why the Supreme Court should take the case, offering a slightly different perspective on the excellent pleadings that have characterized Kerchner’s effort since January 2009.

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Occams Razor and Presidential Eligibility

©2010 drkate

Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae (translating to the law of parsimony, law of economy or law of succinctness). The principle is popularly interpreted as “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one”. When competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selection of the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities while still sufficiently answering the question.  It is in this sense that Occam’s razor is usually understood.

As applied to the question of Obama’s failure to produce even one document that affirmatively identifies him as a natural born citizen, the following question applies:

What is the likelihood that Obama is hiding documents that:

  1. are harmless and benign?
  2. contain damaging information?

Separating the two options with a razor, it is clearly door number 2.

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The Myth of “Patriot Violence”

©2010 drkate

The longer the Patriots stand, and stand peacefully in civic action, the more frustrated the ‘left’ becomes.  Engaging allies in the media, government, and internet spheres, the liberal/progressive/socialist/democrats are desperate to paint the Patriots as violent, right wing, racist, anti-government threats to society.  When the left ratchets up the rhetoric on this subject, the idea of a false flag operation in the making comes to mind, something that can paint the Patriots and Tea Party activists as scary, scary, people to avoid and certainly turn in.

Well,  get some perspective, boys (h/t NEWZEAL)

The left is furious that the conservatives and the Patriot movement do not follow the same violent techniques they use , including property destruction and attacking police at  G-20 events, or threatening to bomb political conventions.  They are so mad that we can surely expect them to stage events, plant provocateurs,  and set up individual Patriots to be blamed for violence.

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A Conspiracy of 12

©2010 drkate

The Foundry, Pouring the Crucible 1923

We are in the crucible now of our struggle to articulate and lawfully act on the violations of the Constitution by our elected officials.  While the Congress can escape for a while by claiming flexibility is allowed with the 18 enumerated powers we allowed them, Obama cannot escape his direct violation of Article II of the Constitution for the United States of America.

This blatant violation of the Constitution, for highest office in the United States and arguably the world, could not have been possible without other constitutional violations long-entrenched within the political class, cooperation of key government officials at every level, and the operations of government hacks, party operatives, and the media.

The one case that exposes this truth is the Kerchner v Obama & Congress lawsuit, currently on appeal before the  Third Circuit Appeals Court in Philadelphia.   The Kerchner filings contain the most comprehensive case law history of this subject ever compiled and analyzed. They also expose  the shocking, true depth of deception and fraud that enabled the coup resulting in installation of Barack Obama.

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The Straw Man’s Cloak

©2010 drkate

Meet Obama's Legal Defense

I find the straw man analogy useful in analyzing Obama’s defense, in fact, extremely clarifying.  In the last post you were introduced to Obama’s legal defense, the straw man, who has no standing; is not injured any more than anyone else; and is a disgruntled voter who should talk with Congress or vote.  This straw man doesn’t have to talk about the Constitution because he is too busy trying to stand.

There are two other aspects of this straw man defense that will draw my attention in the next few days.

  • The first is the “political question“…a tool used by the Courts and readily by Obama’s defense team to relegate the Constitution to a vote by the public–i.e., majority mob rule, aka ‘democracy’.

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Obama’s Straw Man Defense

©2010 drkate

The appalling game-playing by Obama’s lawyers in the Kerchner vs. Obama and Congress appeal,  including the Justice Department, is the kind of behavior that should draw disbarment and criminal penalties. It already makes a mockery of justice and of the Constitution, we know that.  But the case that Obama is ‘fighting’ is not the legal case that’s been brought against him.

Too cool to prove himself, Obama has created and is shadowboxing a straw man eligibility case–one that doesn’t exist.

Straw man. A fallacy in which an opponent’s argument is overstated or misrepresented in order to be attacked or refuted.

An alert and astute poster named Fool Me Once, in a post sent to Commander Charles Kerchner,  pointed out that Obama’s legal team is creating the illusion of refuting Kerchner’s argument by misstating  it and then knocking down the fake case…

In this case, the government and Obama absolutely ignored the facts presented in Kerchner’s brief.  Indeed, instead of addressing any of the factual claims, the government ‘makes up’ that there is an issue of standing and jurisdiction, the Constitutional issues presented be damned.

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So, the Constitution is up for a vote?

©2009 drkate

why+worryIn a disappointing, but not unexpected ruling, the federal Judge dismissed the Kerchner v. Obama case, based on lack of Article III standing (jurisdiction), prudence, and the ‘political question’.  The decision will be appealed.

In an exclusive for The Post and Email, plaintiff Charles Kerchner made initial remarks, a portion of which are reprinted here:

Moments ago, Commander Charles F. Kerchner, U.S. Naval Reserve (Ret.) issued the following statement — exclusive to The Post & Email — in response to Judge Jerome B. Simandle’s dismissal of his case:

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