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Chess Moves by the CIA

©2011 drkate

Ever the felonious protector of the lawless, the CIA pulls out another last ditch effort to rescue Soetoro-Obama from his rapidly devolving cover.

Tim Osman  Osama bin Ladin is dead.  Again?  And buried at sea?  ROFLMAO.  Are Obama supporters that stupid?  Hmm, no body to inspect and probably with full military honors.  😯

Remember we are dealing with Brzezinski’s tools here–terror, intelligence agencies, a totus, and the european monied interests.  Plus jihad,  money, guns, drugs and war that are the staples of the new world order.

This is clearly ‘opium for the masses‘…a chance for the media to  to revisit reuse the 911 terror so more Tavistock techniques can be applied to the American public.  Temporarily throwing people back into a state of shock, not realizing that this announcement is meant not to provide relief, but to encourage people to numbly fall back to sleep…zzzz…zzzz

Alright then, Mr. Soetoro-Obama, bring our troops home from Afghanistan since you  President Bush the CIA moved got the target we  America’s sons and daughters went into to get.  Oh, and leave Paetreus there as its the CIA’s war anyway in Afghanistan.

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Obama Blames the Victim

©2011 drkate

Victim Blaming.  Blaming the victim consists in holding the victim(s) of a crime, an accident, or any type of abusive maltreatment to be entirely or partially responsible for the transgressions committed against them.

Cracking under the pressure

Obama has lost the battle to conceal his records and now resorts to his final, desperate tool–blaming the victim. He is now blames Americans for not asking him for his birth certificate.*  Like the child bully he is, he chooses to blatantly unveil this tool at a fundraiser, where people paid $50,000 a plate to hear him basically say “I fooled you suckahs, and its your fault, so STFU!”

At the LA Fundraiser, Obama said (h/t Army D.A.V.):

“A lot of you got involved when the prospect of electing Barack Hussein Obama to the Oval Office was slim. None of you asked for my birth certificate. It was a complete leap of faith.”

This is Obama’s abusive behavior. He was supposed to have the honesty and integrity to show all his documentation before he even signed up to run for the office. Because no one asked did not mean he could sneak in until someone found him out.  And then feign ‘hurt’ and ‘shock’ that anyone would now ask for his documentation. 🙄

* (Update: Thank you to readers… I revise this statement. Of course Americans asked for his birth certificate, as well as the life history records of Obama. He spent $2 million to fight the disclosure of every single record, and countless more millions bribing, intimidating, forging documents, and quashing all questions of him.  So I say STFU Obama. 😡 )

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Standing with Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

©2010 drkate

Usurper v USA

Ironic, isn’t it, when we as Americans have standing to be punished, but not enough standing to ask about our own National Security and its jeopardy under the Obama regime. So is the case of Lt. Col Terry Lakin, whose only ‘crime’ is that he asked that his orders be verified as legal.

In a packed military court room at the Ft. Meade complex in Maryland, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin steadfastly faced  Court Martial trial proceedings with family, friends and Patriots standing with him.  Undeterred by the weight of the charges, LTC Lakin and his attorney, Neal Puckett, deftly executed a strategy that left the government prosecutors red-eared and shaken by the magnitude of their own mistakes and inability to articulate a valid claim.

Recall that Judge Denise Lind, presiding over the Court Martial, denied LTC Lakin an opportunity for discovery and told him literally to ‘get another defense’.   This decision is in my view reversible error as the Judge offered no legal reason why Obama’s records could not be retrieved except that they would be ’embarassing’.  Based on what knowledge, and what law, Col. Lind?

And to that challenge, LTC Lakin and Attorney Puckett certainly rose to the occasion.

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Courage and the Constitution

©2010 drkate

An Open Letter to Commander Charles Kerchner and Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin

CDR Charles Kerchner

As we stand on the eve of one of the most important moments in our Nation’s history,  I want to thank you for your courage, commitment, and honor in standing up for  the Constitution for the United States of America.

You both have put the safety and security of our Nation above any interest of self, fortune,  or career… something I have felt and feel personally.  I humbly acknowledge the gift you are giving our Nation…a courage so profound that the only other place it is seen is on the battlefield.

LTC Terrence Lakin

History will write of this time that there were those who stood– unabashedly and with great intellect, fundamental knowledge of our foundation and roots as Americans, and courage–against the tyranny of the usurpation of the White House by a foreign agent aided by enemies within. Your names will be among those who are the true Constitutional heroes.

Standing on Constitutional grounds, you have laid bare the deception, and carved a way to correct it and move forward.  Just the way our Founders intended.

And we, the undersigned, pledge that we have your backs no matter what happens…at this grave hour, tirelessly we too will defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,  so help me God.

Thank you,  Sirs

Kerchner and Apuzzo Interview on Revolution Radio

©2010 drkate

In case you missed it, the Revolution Radio interview with Commander Charles Kerchner and Attorney Mario Apuzzo is available here for your listening pleasure.The interview focused on the Petition for Writ of Certioriari filed in the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress case.  As the last interview before the November 23 Supreme Court conference on the case, it was a rare opportunity to talk with these two defenders of our Constitution.

Why we need to have a definition of ‘natural born Citizen‘:

Shooting the Messenger

©2010 drkate

Imagine yourself in the boots of LTC Terrence Lakin, respecting, following, living this Chain of Command your whole working career.  Sharing the pride in being a member of the U.S. military as a defender of the Republic. Conducting your job as a medical officer in theaters around the world.  Participating in the amazing story of America as the will of a people–demonstrated in part by the civilian leadership of our Armed Forces.  Shown on a wall in the Pentagon, it is reinforced every day.

One day, a high-flying, inexperienced perpetual candidate pops up out of nowhere and posts the equivalent of  nothing on a website. He claims to be a ‘native’ of America and born in Hawaii to some ‘African’ man and an underage white girl of U.S. citizenship.  The entire media and the Congress bury the fraudulent document and a fraudulent presentation of credentials and anyone who questions them.

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Calling Obama’s Bluff

©2010 drkate

America’s Tienanmen Square is coming–heck, it is already here.  If you don’t believe that our lives are at stake with a usurper occupying the White House, ask Lt. Col. Lakin.

LTC. Terry Lakin, Calling Obama's Bluff

Remember, LTC Lakin is facing being mowed over by a tank hard labor in Leavenworth because he called Obama’s bluff dared to ask Obama to prove himself eligible to order men into war.  Obama would rather put a decorated army officer in jail than produce a $20 piece of paper.

LTC Lakin is defending our Constitution and our rights–do not let this brave man get run down in broad daylight.  Remember there are others standing right there too–Commander Charles Kerchner, in fact standing despite all who say there is none.

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Pressure Cooker

©2010 drkate

The Usurpathon Strikes Again

After walking into the belly of the beast, in particular walking into the Monocle, a Senate-owned bar and grill just steps from the Capitol, the Platoon is undertaking a variety of activities during October.  This post briefly outlines a few efforts, and hints broadly about others. 🙂

The Prima Facie evidence of Obama’s citizenship–aka, the long form Birth Certificate, is the focus of Phil Berg’s October 23  Birth Certificate march, and our own NoNonsenseNancy will be attending in force, with force, reinforcing Obama’s dual citizenship and ineligibility.  The interesting aspect of this is we need to see his Birth Certificate in order ascertain if he is American.  We already know he is British, Kenyan, Indonesian… is he American?

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The Usurpathon’s October Surprise

©2010 drkate

The reason we are running this marathon usurpathon, is because our country and our lives are at stake.  Aside from the need to stay the course on the upcoming election, two fundamental tests of our Constitution demand our sole attention–NOW.

At issue is Obama’s constitutional ineligibility for the office of the President…so fundamental a violation of  the Constitution as to place our nation’s security, our lives and future at risk.  These related seminal events are:

  • Whether the U.S. Supreme  Court will  take the Kerchner case and define a ‘natural born citizen’, or whether it will deny individual citizens’ standing to enforce the Constitution
  • Whether LTC Terrence Lakin will be convicted by court martial–having been denied the right to a fair trial for questioning whether his orders were from a legal Commander in Chief

The seriousness of both of these imminent events is shown by  the extent to which the rule of law has had to be subverted in order not to hear the cases or allow discovery under any circumstances.  When the most fundamental rights are denied, something big is going down.

This is a second call to action for those Patriots and Constitutionalists among us who want to STOP THEM COLD by focusing on Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility for the Presidency.  DrKates Platoon seeks your advice, participation wherever you are, and support in ‘spreading the word’ about these actions.

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A Test for the Supremes

©2010 drkate

This case is about whether our nation should allow a precedent created by a popular vote to stand that makes it possible for an individual who is born with dual and conflicting foreign allegiance to become President and Commander-in-Chief of the Military.  This case is about whether we should allow a critical question such as the meaning of a ‘natural born Citizen’ to be answered by the political parties and the people through their act of voting at the polls, or by the judicial branch of government…

On September 30 2010, a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to grant a Writ of Certiorari in the Kerchner v. Obama and Congress lawsuit was filed by Attorney Apuzzo for Commander Kerchner.  Painstakingly shepherding this case through the proper legal procedures for more than twenty (20) months, without legal error or misstep,  Commander Kerchner’s  case is finally ripe for judicial review.

The petition delineates in considerable detail the reasons why the Supreme Court should take the case, offering a slightly different perspective on the excellent pleadings that have characterized Kerchner’s effort since January 2009.

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Occams Razor and Presidential Eligibility

©2010 drkate

Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae (translating to the law of parsimony, law of economy or law of succinctness). The principle is popularly interpreted as “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one”. When competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selection of the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities while still sufficiently answering the question.  It is in this sense that Occam’s razor is usually understood.

As applied to the question of Obama’s failure to produce even one document that affirmatively identifies him as a natural born citizen, the following question applies:

What is the likelihood that Obama is hiding documents that:

  1. are harmless and benign?
  2. contain damaging information?

Separating the two options with a razor, it is clearly door number 2.

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