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Put Up or Stand Down, Mr. Obama

Letter to the Editor reprinted with permission

January 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

The nation appears to be catching on to the fact that they were duped by the Democrat National Convention (DNC), through dissembling and deceit, nominating a candidate that was not eligible to be on the 2008 presidential ballot. The forces that worked to keep the fraud concealed are now using the entire power of all branches of the federal government to keep a never-vetted and unqualified putative president in office by whatever means necessary.

There are 9 types of citizen in the United States. “U.S. Citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen” do not equate yet liberal propagandists “dumb-downed” Americans through the decades to believe both types of citizenships are the same. It has been a deliberate plan to marginalize and/or silence the Article II, Section 2.5 Constitutionalists by calling them “birthers” and “racists.” The majority of Americans believe one only needs to be born in the United States to run for president. This misconception is the handiwork of anti-American entities who have worked diligently to shred the Constitution and usher in a different form of government.

All eyes and ears will be focused on an Atlanta courtroom on January 26, 2012 to see if Barack Hussein Obama will appear as a private citizen and prove his eligibility to be on the state ballot as compelled by subpoenas issued by Administrative Judge Michael Malihi. Obama’s counsel in Atlanta, Michael Jablonski, filed a Motion to Dismiss attorney Orly Taitz’s challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be on the GA ballot and for the first time in three years a judge denied an Obama request/motion in a court of law and the case moved forward. Then Obama’s counsel filed a request to quash the subpoena compelling Obama to attend the hearing complaining that [His] duties as president of the United States would be interrupted and that the subpoena was, “on its face, unreasonable.” Ironically, the motion was filed the day after Obama sang a solo at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Again, request DENIED.

Contrary to popular opinion Obama’s eligibility to be president has never been heard on merit in a court of law. Until now all lawsuits filed against Obama had been dismissed for “no standing” or “wrong jurisdiction.” The decisions came from federal judges under the auspices of Eric Holder’s Justice department and Elena Kagan, Obama’s pre-election counsel and now, of course, sitting Supreme Court Justice.

There are many of us ‘birthers’ living in fear because we never fell for what we knew was brainwashing and propaganda being fed to the American people for generations. But we ‘birthers’ never forgot the words of a letter dated 25 July 1787 from John Jay to General George Washington as the Constitution was being drafted: “Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolved on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

On January 26th, 2012, will Obama again defy the will of the American people and maintain his status quo of living above the law or will we, the Article II Constitutionalists, have our day in court? Judge Malihi will consider the Supreme Court ruling in Minor vs. Happersett establishing the definition of ‘natural born Citizen’ as born in the United States of parents who are themselves United States citizens. The ruling is binding precedent as to the Constitutional definition of a natural born Citizen. Constitutional attorney, Mario Apuzzo at in my opinion has the most consistent and well-documented papers on the eligibility issue where I suggest is the place to go to for back up.

Obama is also compelled to produce his historic documents including but not limited to his birth certificate, adoption papers and Indonesian school records. Should he not comply with the subpoena to appear or present his papers he will lose anyway because his name will not be put on the GA State ballot and the plaintiffs in the three cases to be heard will submit evidence of Obama’s deception and fraud not the least of which is lying on his application to the Illinois Bar. In the space asking for other names used by the applicant Obama entered “none.” Add to this his use of a CT social security number that was never issued to him and fails the E-Verify check. Intriguingly, the social security number is shared by a Harrison J. Bounell from CT, long since deceased but at one time a roomer/tenant in a home owned by the Robinson family. Now that’s just too speculative, too coincidental to be Michelle Robinson Obama’s CT relatives.

But then there’s the selective service record that ties to the social security number but is so fraught with anomalies that taken with the recent problems of a suspicious “Frankenstein” document posted on the website on April 27, 2011, the whole business reeks of ineptitude or is it deliberate subversive activity.

I for one will be all eyes and ears on Jan. 26. A decision one way or another will help me in my plan to form a coalition of Oklahoma Ballot Challengers to take our case to the Oklahoma House of Representatives. We have been rebuffed by gatekeeper, “Fran” on the election board [who says we have to be a presidential candidate from Oklahoma to file a complaint] and by the Attorney General’s office who will only take cases from the FBI and the FBI that says, “Its beensettled” and by our own Sen. Tom Coburn who says “Its a non-issue” to Sen. James Inhofe who says “Its a non issue” but co-sponsored a bill to change the definition of natural born Citizen to mean born anywhere as long as one parent is a citizen. Thank God and the wisdom of our founding fathers the bill failed as did the other eight or so attempts in congress between 2004-2008 during Obama’s rise to political power.

Respectfully submitted,

Miki Booth
Former Congressional Candidate D2-OK

Questions for Marco Rubio

©2011 drkate

This essay is written to clarify the questions regarding Senator Marco Rubio’s constitutional eligibility for the office of Vice President or President.  During this study, it has become apparent how important the citizenship of the parents is to determining whether the child is a natural born citizen and why this remains a national security issue at its core.

Natural Born Citizen?

We understand that in the 235 years of our Nation’s history, the definition of ‘natural born citizen’ as used in our Constitution has not changed.  From this it is paramount that both parents must be citizens and have no foreign allegiance when the child is born in order for that child to be the Constitutional Article II natural born citizen.  On the surface then, Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen because his parents were not American citizens at the time of his birth but naturalized four years later.

One would think this is the end of the story.  Not.

Rubio’s supporters, including republicans who don’t think about Article II, obots still trying to justify Obama’s existence, and the Tea Party, will want to bury Rubio’s natural born citizen issue first and foremost, perpetuating or covering up the constitutional crisis we are in with the usurper Obama. This will be done either for expediency to defeat Obama or continuing to cover for Obama, but it perpetuates a disservice to our Constitution.

For those who would like to take an analytical approach, examining the real questions of citizenship instead of glossing over them, this article is for you. The analysis reveals that in order for Marco Rubio to stand for either President or Vice President, he would need a SCOTUS ruling to determine if his citizenship at birth was undivided and unalienable.  Without this ruling, he would be another constitutionally ineligible candidate, no matter how much you like him.

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Memo to Presidential Candidates

©2011 drkate


TO:   Political Parties and Respective Candidates

From:   The American People

Subject:  How to Win the Presidential Election in 2012

As each of you has announced, or is planning to announce your candidacy for the President, we are unimpressed by your performance, tactics, goals, and most importantly, your chances of winning the 2012 election against the current occupier of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama-aka Bearick, Barry, Harrison Obama-Soetoro-Sobarakah-Bounel.

Your failure to acknowledge the constitutional crisis hoisted upon this nation in 2008 with the election of a non-natural born citizen to the presidency in direct violation of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution is the number one reason why you will lose the 2012 election.    Moreover, your continued feigned ignorance of Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility  is transparent to us and places you in the same category as others who have perjured their oath of office by failing to defend the Constitution.  

You cannot say you are for the constitution and treat it like a menu.  For the electorate’s knowledge of the on-going constitutional crisis of a usurper in the White House will only grow as time goes on.  And herein lies your opportunity to win the 2012 election.  Please allow us to demonstrate:

Your Announcement of Your Candidacy/Nomination

My fellow Americans, my name is ______.  I am a natural born citizen of the United States because I was born here in the U.S. and both my parents were American citizens when I was born.  I therefore meet the Constitutional requirements for the office of the President.  I  am running for the office of President of the United States and my goal is to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Your Major Reason for Running

I am running for President of this great Nation because I believe it is time to restore constitutional governance to our Republic. In the last several administrations and Congresses, both democrat and republican, many economic, domestic, military, and foreign policy actions have undermined the constitutional principles we hold so dear, which have at times prevented Americans from pursing the American dream of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’, and which now threaten the prosperity built over generations.

I am concerned for our Nation that the balance of power between the branches of government, and between the  federal and state governments and the citizens has been disrupted and believe it must be restored to its original design to promote the happiness, well-being, and economic prosperity of our Nation…within the context of our population, geography, natural resources, and national security.

My administration is committed to identifying all Executive Orders which have impinged upon the liberties of Americans, and will direct the Congress to do so with its laws.  We intend to rescind those that–after dialogue with the Congress and American public–impinge upon the liberty interests of Americans and the balance of power or checks and balances between the branches of government.

Why the Constitution Matters in Your Campaign

The United States is a Constitutional Republic…guided by the rule of law and making the Executive, legislature and judiciary loyal to the Constitution and the people of America.  The constitution is not a menu whose principles or defense can be selective.  In this regard every article of the Constitution, and every lawful amendment to the constitution must be upheld in the totality that is the American Republic.  To do anything less would be to dishonor the lives lost and sacrificed in our founding and through generations of soldiers in defense of our nation. 

There you have it, Candidates.  Three simple but substantive things to say that show you understand the Constitution and which will gather the hearts, minds, and votes of the majority of Americans.  If you even utter these words, the election is yours despite Obama’s planned fraud.

That is if you truly want to win.


We the People

Trump Card Beats Race Card

©2011 drkate

The unexpected nightmare of the liberals, the flat-earth eligibility deniers, and the apologists/defenders of Obama is now creeping into their psyche, and most importantly FRONT PAGE NEWS.  No longer can they deny that Obama is undocumented, has lied about his entire ‘career’, has never written anything in his life on his own, is a foreigner who has usurped the United States, and can’t even talk without a teleprompter.

The fact that the Constitutionalists have been right all along is now fully showing itself in the shrill, cackling, frenzy that has erupted from Obama’s frenetric supporters since Donald Trump broke the dam of silence.  The scale of the Obama defender’s attack on the Constitutionalists–job losses, financial ruin, jail, death–has always proven that we are right.

And now they are frantic.  Listen to the cackling on The View.

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Dual Citizenship and the Presidency, Part II

©2011 drkate

NWO fails to cover for Obama

Governor Abercrombie’s recent efforts to find Obama’s birth certificate have served to give hope to the obots that the Constitutionalists would once again engage in the debate about  the long form birth certificate versus the forged electronic image of the COLB.  But like the other efforts, it was an epic FAIL.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Neither will the discussion focus on Vattel and the cases dismissed by a cowardly and corrupt judiciary, or whether Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii.

We will not focus on whether Obama is a ‘citizen’ or not, despite the nastiness and dishonesty of the lame stream media.  They are so desperate to make this about questioning citizenship and not natural born citizenship, …and Obama’s  (s)cat is out of the bag.

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Obama, what are you afraid of?

©2009 drkate

When  you go to such lengths to cover up $30 worth of background records–i.e., a birth certificate, passport, copy of civil service registration, etc.–as Obama has, there is something to hide.

And, if Obama can’t show such a basic document as his birth certificate and who his parents are, how can anyone expect him to protect the United States?

Oh and Gibby boy? Don’t evah tell me Obama is too busy dealing with more important issues than to address such a silly thing as his actual identity.  🙄

So lets go over this again.

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Remedial Education for Congress: Natural Born Citizen

©2009 drkate

Hey, Congress!  (blows fog horn vigorously)

Since you don’t read the bills you write, and need assistance in reading and interpreting them anyway, how could we expect you to read and understand Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution???

So today we start our remedial lesson on this particular part of the Constitution.  For our first lesson, so as to not tax your collective brains and its only Monday and all,  we’ll start with a picture found on Jefferson’s Rebels.

Now don’t be scared. 🙄

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