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Acts of Courage

©2013 drkate

Chemtrails in South Dakota

Chemtrails in South Dakota

At a time when we should be looking up, waiting for the return of our Lord and Savior, we look up and see chemtrails…those disgusting stripes of chemicals in the sky that everyone says are just jet contrails.  Yeah, tell me another one please.  🙄  This is all part of a design to forever break us from our Creator, to replace God with the false god of government, and money; fortune and fame.  And to poison us.

Acts of courage today involve telling the truth, and seeking the truth.  Many will willingly be deceived; many will continue to play politics with people’s lives and just say, ‘that’s the way it is’.

In the last several months, I have had the privilege of working with some very courageous people who took on a freight train bearing down on their neighborhoods, families, livelihood and personal health. Awakening all has been a matter of putting up with charges of ‘racism’, of ‘being unreasonable’, of being ‘radicals’, being ‘stupid and confused’, of not knowing how the game was played.  Their perseverance stopped that train—but only for a couple of years.  As it turns out, the freight train had a bunch of cars attached to it–the new world order, agenda 21, the federal land and water grab, the destruction of individual sovereignty, and the control of all the means of production of all the people–regardless of politics.  And now, there is time to expose the true story behind this freight train–and its enablers. This was an improbable story, a victory, and all praise is to God, as His Will will be done.

I am pleased to participate in helping the video (h/t Ann) below go viral–another courageous soul who decided that truth was more important than the paycheck, and that her fellow Americans too priority over government lies of convenience.  Please share this with as many as you can.  You see, this is the planned poisoning of humanity.

Please share with us other acts of courage you’d like us to know about!

Open Thread!

Guns, Oil, and Drugs

©2013 drkate

The World on the NWO Chessboard

The World on the NWO Chessboard

Forget anything you hear about the democrats or republicans, or the current ‘leaders’ of the U.S. government, spreading ‘democracy’ around the world.  It’s all a hoax as we were hijacked a long time ago and have been supporting a false god…counterfeit god known as the elite’s quest for money and control based on Guns, Oil, and Drugs.

The illegality of three plants–coca, cannabis,and the opium poppy–creates the worlds largest black marketplace of over one trillion dollars annually of untaxed cash dollars, supplying the ‘shadow masters’ with funds to corrupt financial and civil institutions, to acquire industries, own media, buy governments, fund terrorism, and bankroll wars.

The treasure of American blood has been coldly wasted to fight wars over drugs–Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan to name just a few–where the financiers of war play both sides of the coin.  Gun and missile running, perfected on the American side by G.H. W. Bush, Eric Holder, the Clintons, the Obamas…with invaluable assistance from the CIA serve to make money and  destroy civilizations. These are the boys and girls who succumbed to the temptations offered by Satan.

…the behind the scenes collaboration between governments, intelligence agencies, big business, drug traffickers, and ‘terrorists’ has lined the pockets of the elite on one hand, while on the other profoundly contributing to the destruction of sovereign nation-states in favor of more efficient economic units, but without such messy things as the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  Dealing their cards from the darkness, the Shadow Masters create ‘reality’, inventing the good guys and the bad buys, playing a rigged game for power, profit, and our future.~Shadow Masters

Listen to this incredible interview, in two parts:

Part 2:


Open Thread.

The Justice Department, Wall Street, and the Nazis

©2011 drkate

John Loftus is interviewed by Jeff Rense and discusses his book America’s Nazi Secret: An Insider’s History in which some linkages are made that make complete sense.  Here are a tantalizing few (h/t Troy):

  • Enron, Afghanistan, Bush/Cheney
  • Nuremberg: who died, who was punished, who came to America
  • Wall Street’s purchase of the Justice Department
  • Bush, other famous families, and Nazis
  • Muslim Brotherhood and Nazis
  • Oil, oil, and oil
  • The State Department’s role

What we are experiencing is everything these 20th Century scoundrels have unleashed, and their only desperate hope is to crash America before we wake up.  Too bad they chose Obama, the one person who would wake us all to the danger.

He’s leading with bread crumbs right back to the cartel.

Open thread.

Invisible Empire–The Film

©2010 drkate

The T-Room has an excellent story up about the real George Herbert Walker Bush and his role in ushering the New World Order.  It is a must read, providing key background on the deadly end game being played right now.

Here is the full version of “Invisible Empire”, produced by Infowars.

What do you think?

Update:  my take after the fold.

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An Alinsky Refresher

©2010 drkate

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. -Ghandi

The sheer tyranny involved in the  unconstitutional idea, process, and result of the obamadeathcare legislation, hurriedly signed into ‘law’ by the unconstitutional Obama, shows that unlawful and unconstitutional behavior originates within the government, not the people.  By these actions, the government is openly rebelling against the Constitution, and in fact, is willfully acting to subvert it.

We face the stark reality that these anti-Americans and constitution-deniers (‘CDs’) have seized control of the government.  And now the fight is an overt operation with the key to its success being speed and shock.  Cloward-PivenAlinsky.  The words you will remember forever.  When I look at these words and understand how they are used against us, I think ‘sedition’ and ‘treason’.

Time to take another look at these strategies, an “Alinsky Refresher” if  you will, so we Patriots can navigate the road ahead.  Remember how we did it in 1776–every roadway was guarded.

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The U.S. as Police State

©2010 drkate

It’s now official:  the United States is a police state.

In the 21st century the loss of legal protections accelerated with the Bush administration’s ‘war on terror’, which continues under the Obama administration and is essentially a war on the Constitution and U.S. civil liberties.

Dennis Blair, Obama’s National Security Advisor, told Congress that

the executive branch has assumed the right to murder Americans who it deems a “threat.”

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Lying to Conceal the True Agenda

©2009 drkate

“The democrats have gone back to their true roots: communism.~Pat Cadell

Logistics Monster has a new article up consisting of two must-see videos describing “What We Are Up Against” with the ‘democrats’ and the Obama administration.  The videos are a panel discussion with David Horowitz, Pat Cadell, and Scott Wheeler. There are some stunning revelations in these videos, which together are about an hour long.

Until the ‘left’ met Alinsky, they ‘broadcast their punches’…”we want a revolution now!’…and were often dismissed.  Horowitz points out that Alinsky taught people to hide their agenda–to pretend to be for the ‘little guy’, ‘women’, and the  ‘environment’–while seeking the true agenda of pure power. Everything is disguised–everything.

Take a look at what the democrats are doing and saying, and examine every speech of Obama’s:  he deliberately lied through his entire campaign.  Does Taqiyya come to mind?

We have a lot of work to do!

Congratulations, Americans!

©2009 drkate

Ha!  Americans = 1  Socialist Democrats = 0

revwarcannonCongratulations to the citizens of New Jersey, Virginia, New York, and California for launching another shot over the bow of the ship of fools–Obama and his democrats. And for sending a very LOUD message to Washington D.C.:  NO, YOU CAN’T.

LOL, the White House says Obama wasn’t watching the elections.  🙄

While the White House will not comment, or will deny this election has any significance, this is their first big electoral loss since last November.  The tax day tea parties and the 912 marchers delivered the first big blows. They ignored us, then they ridiculed us, and they’ve been fighting us with health scare, spending, Afghanistan, by apologizing for us, by running roughshod over their constituents.  And then we won…

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“ACORNS toasting on an open fire…”

©2009 drkate

acornI know it’s a little early to be thinking about roasted toasted chestnuts acorns on an open fire, with ‘jack frost nipping at the air’ and all, but that song came to mind with the most recent revelations of more investigations and indictments of ACORN. This is especially important in the context of  recent posts on the application of RICO, the racketeering act, to ACORN’s activities.

The key will be to connect the dots–the pattern of corruption the organization demonstrates across state lines.  Hiring primary thugs to be bussed across state lines for intimidation purposes, or fraudulent voter registration is part of this interstate criminal enterprise.

It is ripe for a federal investigation, and we will see if AG Eric Holder “Holdback” stifles any investigation brought forth.  And we will also find out where Patrick Fitzgerald may come out on this, as the ACORN issue appears to have makings of bringing down Al Capone Barack Obama and underlings.

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The Fall of Obama [Update]

©2009 drkate

(Author’s note:  I want to apologize to readers for not being able to post since September 12….I am in an airport today waiting to get back home.  Honestly, I am overwhelmed.  I have had ‘goose bumps’, or ‘chicken skin’ (depending on where you are from) since September 9th when I arrived in DC.  I took hundreds of photos and had a video camera spotting the size of the crowd.  All my ‘tools’ for getting this stuff on a computer are, of course, at home.  But I can promise you when I have recovered from this event those photos, and possibly a youtube, will be posted here for your pleasure.)


“Isn’t it ironic that the worst thing that could have happened to America has brought out the best of America”–Fernley Girl

September 21 officially marks the beginning of the fall season, often that great harvest moon shining overhead.  The air, the smells, the sound, and the sky change when the fall rolls around.  It is my favorite season as it always signals something new, something starting; the questions set before the winter-time reflection sets in.

And gratefully, September brings the fall of Obama: his ACORN buddies caught and their funding lost, voted down; his czars under attack for who they are as well as Obama’s unconstitutional appointment of them.  Two million, plus many more in spirit, took D.C. away from them all on September 12th: Obama, Congress, and the Chicago mob that has invaded the Capitol like a disease.

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©2009 drkate

Happy September 1st!

Time flies even when you’re not having fun! 😯

Reflections…….to be done quietly and in beauty…….

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Glenn Beck Full Week: 8/24-8/28

Hat tip to my friend ‘the goddess of all links’ jeanniejo and to Free Republic for posting all of these links in one place.  This was a terrific week with Glenn Beck!  Enjoy!

Monday 08/24 A 08/24 B 08/24 C 08/24 D 08/24 E

Tuesday 08/25 A 08/25 B 08/25 C 08/25 D 08/25E

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Amendments III and IV: Securing Home and Community

©2009 drkate

“Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God?” Thomas Jefferson

Enshrined in the Constitution is our collective understanding that our liberties are inalienable and given to the people by God (the Creator), not  by government.  That is a knowledge, a “conviction in the minds of the people”, that lives in a free people.  This has lived in America and the American people since its founding.

One of the most fundamental liberties is the right to be secure in ones home, community and oneself.  These are inalienable rights and are articulated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This article is generated by what I consider to be two serious threats to our individual and collective liberty:

  • Obama’s ‘mandatory civilian service’ corps, and if they would be directed to perform services for the government in homes or communities
  • The proposed mandatory vaccination for swine flu

Both of these initiatives will be at our doorsteps in September.

This discussion will focus on Amendments III and IV of the U.S. Constitution as vehicles through which to ensure that each of these initiatives do not violate our personal homes, communities, or our individual bodies.  That is, our rights and liberties as enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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