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Obama Votes “Present” on Afghanistan

©2009 drkate

Barack Obama has had  General McCrystal’s report and request for more troops on his desk since August, 2009.  It is approaching November.

afghanistan-troops_1451147cMeanwhile,  eight U.S. soldiers were  killed on 10/27/09,  driving the U.S. death toll to a record level for the third time in four months.   Fifty-five U.S. soldiers were killed in October; fifty-one in August.

Obama declared Afghanistan a ‘war of necessity‘, the ‘right war’, and ordered 20,000 more troops to the battlefront.  That decision was supposedly the outcome of his own review of strategy.

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Obama, Brzezinski, and Pakistan

©2009 drkate

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan 1981

Back pursuing Obama’s  ‘missing link‘ in the visit to Pakistan in 1981, it was necessary to revisit Zbigniew Brzezinski’s activities, roles and positions at the time. “ZB” is a soviet specialist and ‘widely consulted’ on the political affairs inside communist countries.
Brzezinski has the ‘necessary ingredients’ of the ‘thread’ that links to Obama’s hidden history: a professor at Columbia University (1960-1989); ties to the CIA; Carter’s national security advisor, currently key advisor to Obama, and a master at the game of  ‘geopolitics‘ and how those  forces can be manipulated for strategic gain.  ZB’s hatred for the Soviet Union, and now Russia, is legendary.
Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

Anwar Sadat 1918-1981

During Brzezinski’s  visit to Pakistan in the spring of 1981, Obama also happened to be visiting Pakistan on spring break,  just after having entered Columbia University, and supposedly visiting his mother (working for the Ford Foundation) in Lahore, and later  ‘hunting partridge’ in the country side. Right. 🙄
ZB’s activities had been focused on breaking apart the Soviet Union and using CIA and U.S. military assets to create chaos and instability.  In Afghanistan, the goal was to provoke the Soviet Union into invading, and to provide weapons, training and other support to  the Muslim Mujahadeen and to demoralize the Soviet army in an unwinnable fight.  Remember also that at this time, the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been established in Egypt, had already established itself in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Obama’s Deception: The Missing Link?

©2009 drkate

I found this photo of  President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser,  Zbigniew Brzezinski, visiting Osama Bin Laden in training with the Pakistan Army, 1981, on flickr, originally scanned from the New York Village Voice:

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan, 1981

Zbig meets Osama in Pakistan, 1981

Brzezinski  is one of Obama’s mentors (Harvard and Columbia) and currently an advisor to him. Is it a coincidence that Obama was also in Pakistan on ‘spring break’ in 1981?  And what was Brzezinski doing there, ‘on behalf of the United States’?

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