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Foreigner Gives U.S. State of the Union Address

©2011 drkate

Caught in a Lie

Washington, D.C., Jan. 25.  Mr. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, was allowed to give the U.S. State of the Union Address (SOTU) for the third year in a row despite the now common knowledge that Mr. Hussein-Soetoro is an undocumented foreigner residing temporarily in and occupying the White House. Soetoro-Obama is an admitted dual citizen at birth thus failing the ‘natural born citizen’  requirement of the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, Clause 5.

Having been elected through massive fraud, the wasted fervent dreams of the left, the now defunct and discredited mainstream media’s willing collaboration, and an influx of close to $1 billion in foreign donations, Mr. Hussein-Obama bankrupted America in his first two years of impersonating the Commander in Chief in order to repay his campaign debt and creditors.  Foreign policy, trade, and treaty-making were also used to curry favor with benefactors or those other Nations who knew of  Mr. Soetoro’s non-U.S. foreign status.

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The Usurper’s State of Disunion

©2011 drkate

Caught in a Lie

On the heels of everything that has been revealed about Obama’s pure lack of constitutional eligibility for an office he has usurped and Congress’ knowledge, how can anyone  sit through the SOTU address without calling for the arrest of arresting this man, Biden, and Pelosi, and the host of others like Jarrett and Michelle?  Where are the Joint Chiefs,  Generals, the FBI, the Sergeant of Arms, and the Army Provost General?

  • America, are you embarrassed yet?  😳
  • America, are you divided like you never have been before?  😥
  • America, are you scared for your childrens future–and of–your children for the first time? 😯
  • America, does a foreigner speak for you?  😕
  • Do NOT let Obama take this Nation down. Do NOT let him send any more National Guard out of our Country!

    There is a perfect excuse right out there right now to remove Obama.  It may not be the reason, but its a good excuse.

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