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Cruz and Obama

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One of the worst assaults on our Constitution was the usurpation of the presidency by Barack Obama.  This blog “cut its teeth” on that issue and gleaned over one million views between 2008 and 2011.  There were prices to pay for political views I can attest.

But the man went on to do what we knew he would–dismantling, weakening, bankrupting, and dividing America.  Our Founders wanted to prevent that from happening to us and that is why the natural born citizen clause was placed in the constitution—IN PLAIN LANGUAGE verified by so many constitutional scholars and easily available for the public.

Based on his ineligibility, everything that Obama has done could literally be undone legally by the next president.  But not if the ineligible Ted Cruz is elected or even nominated for President.

Jus soli,  Jus sanguine.  Of the land, of American parents.

Again, thanks to the strength, principles, and independence of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has now finally exposed himself as the constitutional hypocrite that he is with respect to the qualifications that apply only to the President and Vice President–the natural born citizen requirement of Article II of our Constitution.  Listen to his “defense” of himself below:

Ted Cruz’s defense of himself is whiny, untrue, and defensive.  He tries to make up something about natural born citizenship—that the parents had to be born in the US–to go after Trump’s mother.  And by defending himself in the way he does, he trivializes the constitution, degrades Trump, and mocks the Constitution.

Just like Obama, and just like those nasty obots we found on so many other blogs.  And he’s attempting to fire back.

But once again, and exactly in a matter-of-fact manner, Trump nails Cruz again in his eligibility problem.  And then he talks about Cruz’s (hypocrisy) of railing against the “establishment” and the “cartel” when he is part of and owned by it.  All starting about 30 minutes in:

Trump has absolutely honed the issue, forced the media to bring it up, and is simply telling the truth to Americans, real Americans, about the danger of Ted Cruz.  Imagine if America could have had this discussion in 2008? But of course all the parties prevented it.

So Ted Cruz is willing to violate the Constitution in order to become President.  And willing to lie about it, and have his supporters go after anyone who mentions it.  Just like Obama.

If Cruz is so un-American regarding this basic fact of the Constitution, while claiming to be a Tea Party hero, what does he think of trade and shariaWho are his associates?

If Ted Cruz is elected, it just makes Obama’s legacy of unconstitutional destruction legit.

Voting for Cruz is voting once again for the foreigner Obama.

Wake up (again) before its too late!

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Meet Karl Rove, Anti-American

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Something got under your skin, Karl?  Like the Constitution?

Perjured Oaths

How perfect that Karl Rove should out himself as an anti-American so early into this campaign season, for it unmasks his true agenda. As a Bush advisor–who once took the perjured his oath to uphold the constitution– he teamed up with Donna Brazile to help elect Obama in 2008 by directing the media’s attention to straw men and straw-women to ‘fight’ and defeat. In 2011 Rove is pushing Romney, and of course Marco Rubio who is not constitutionally eligible–just like Obama and McCain.

Romney will lose to Obama.  That is the plan.

It’s delicious that his own words and actions have destroyed his credibility completely, as we pick apart his Mockingbird-scripted song about Obama’s eligibility, aka, a natural born citizen:

  • Being born in the USA is required but is not sufficient to be a natural born citizen
  • Obama is ‘eligible‘” means to Rove that Obama was “elected by popular vote“.  The truth is Obama is not eligible because he is not a ‘natural born citizen’…he was born to a foreign father.  Obama is not a full-blooded American, end.of.story. Who cares where he’s born, and he can’t even prove that! 😛

The way they diminish the natural born citizen is to say ‘born in the USA’.  The way they turn our Republic into a democracy–or mob rule–is by relegating constitutional eligibility to ‘the political question’, or to ‘standing’.

Knowingly misrepresenting the Constitution outs Rove as as part of that generation of ‘lost’ Americans who have no regard for the Constitution for the United States.   He might as well be at OWS, wear a ‘Che’ necktie, smoke a cuban cigar,  and have a little star on his  red cap or lapel. He mocks the meaning of natural born citizen through intellectually dishonest statements meant to deceive and with malice toward Americans.

Rove is a classic example of the type of person the commies and globalists have  intentionally educated, placed, and bribed paid to exert his ‘perceived power over’ the masses, singing whatever song the Mockingbird is operating with.  Rove calls the birthers ‘crazy’ still–he is so old-school, yawn, I think I’ll go take a nap.

But I guess having scrubbed the record of even U.S. Supreme Court Decisions regarding the seminal case law that supports the natural law definition of natural born citizen, Rove feels he has his back covered.

In truth, they all have their a$$es exposed!

Lose the obama koolaid, Karl, and STFU.

Satan’s Celebrities

©2011 drkate

Got Satan?

In the last several days I’ve been reviewing film series, documentaries and news casts for the hidden signs of the the new world order and the deeper causes of the spiritual and moral war we are in right now…manifesting as a Constitutional struggle in our lands.

Not only are these subliminal symbols and messages in rampant use in Hollywood, every TV series, and music videos, the forward conditioning message of these shows assault our senses with an intense narrative that replaces reality.  The invasion is deep, mocking every effort to expose the truth.

They are showing us every day who they are.

Here are some other people you might know:

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“…go from us in peace…”

©2011 drkate

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” ~ Sam Adams 1776

And its 1776 all over again. We the people are at our own government’s doorstep, and we want our Constitution back.

For more than fifteen (15) years, the American people have petitioned the government for redress of grievances only to be turned away time and again while they continue to do what they please.

The Supreme Court passed down a decision in 1984 that said,

“Nothing in the First Amendment or in this Court’s case law interpreting it suggests that the rights to speak, associate, and petition require government policymakers to listen or respond to communications of members of the public on public issues”.

A recent decision reaffirms this…

 The right to petition under the First Amendment does not impose an obligation on the federal government to respond to citizens, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled.

In We the People Foundation, Inc. v. United States, decided May 8, the court relied on two Supreme Court cases, Smith v. Arkansas State Highway Employees, 441 U.S. 463 (1979) and Minnesota State Board for Community Colleges v. Knight, 465 U.S. 271, 286 (1984). Both concerned public-employee grievances.

This case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court but certiorari was denied.

Is it any wonder then, that the political class would take this decision as a green light to do whatever they want and laugh in our faces about it?  And the corruption since 1984 has certainly deepened and spread…and now they have all let a usurper into the White House and refuse to address it. This picture perfectly captures who they are.  We should have arrested them while they dared to show their faces to the public.

Criminal enablers of Obama

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In the Shelter of Each Other

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Remember who we are, bringing our country back from the brink.  Find your shelter(s) in the storm, find your compatriot friends, find your Maker.

Open thread!


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The way he has operated, we have seen starkly demonstrated why its so important to have a singular fidelity that can only come from a natural born citizen… Dr. Herb Titus

The quality required of the President and Commander in chief in the Constitution is singular, undivided, unalienable allegiance to the United States.  That characteristic is inherent in a natural born citizen, born of the nation to two parents who are its citizens.

By his own admission, Barack Hussein Obama is a creature of foreign allegiances and can never be a natural born citizen.

There is a ‘gut check’ happening all over America today.

Patriots, it is time to force the investigation.


©2011 drkate

As has been discussed in these pages, by other investigators, and by individuals such as Reverend Manning, there is evidence of  long term connections between Barack Obama and the CIA.  But it was not only Obama Jr…it was his mother, father, grandparents, step father, and other associates too–indeed, it seems like a family affair.

Who else but the CIA could create whole new identities and cover up every scrap of evidence of someone’s life?

As Obama’s cover continues to unravel, so does that of everyone else, including the CIA. The public statements, operations, individuals, policy moves, and currency manipulations–the connections all become clearer with each day.  The longer Obama stays in office, the more these NWO -directed, CIA enacted ‘events’ are illuminated for their source.  In attempting to CTheirA, will the CIA expose them instead?

Here is Reverend Manning’s recent interview with Wayne Madsen.

A fascinating extended interview with Wayne Madsen on the Alex Jones show may be found here, it is well worth viewing.

Open sesame CIA thread.

Does it Prove he’s a Natural Born American Citizen? Nope.

©2011 drkate

In fact, the latest long form creation proves that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

A Commander in Chief would have taken care of his men in uniform. A Commander in Chief would not allow harm to come to his men if he could easily prevent it. A real commander would not have allowed LTC Terry Lakin to go to prison for simply asking to see 18 months ago what Obama released today.  Obama is a disgrace to the office of the Presidency.  He is unfit for command.  Obama should resign~Commander Charles F. Kerchner

unconstitutional and a liar

So you ‘had it all along’ and let Lt. Col. Terry Lakin go to jail?

And is this latest piece of crap the best you can do, barky? 🙄  Your latest forgery still is not an official document because it does not have a seal on it.

No questions regarding Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency have been answered by this latest release of another forged document.  The arrogant prickly pear thinks he’s fooled America again.

It was only a matter of time before Obama paid for another forged birth certificate.  Obviously the obots, the media, and the intellectually dishonest are having a happy time with this, although none of them will say it is a valid long-form certificate.  A forgery is a forgery is a forgery.  He still won’t have it forensically analyzed so the plan is to have people noodle around for months on this latest forged birth certificate.

No doubt this is an effort to have us discuss and dispute Jerome Corsi’s book so it has minimal impact on Obama’s re-election plans, and to once again focus on the birth certificate rather than obama’s fundamental fatal flaw: he was born a brit and will forever be a brit.

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Adverse Inference-update

©2011 drkate

(Update.  In light of Obama’s release of yet another obviously fraudulent certificate of live birth, with no seal and obvious photoshop effects, a reminder that(a) his father’s citizenship makes him still ineligible for the Presidency, (b) Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, was adopted by an Indonesian national, yet the ‘certificate of live birth’ contains no amendments that reflect that real life event, which, until he releases all of his records, makes him a citizen-subject of Britain and a citizen of both Kenya and Indonesia.  He still cannot prove he is American.)

not eligible

With regard to Obama, then,  Americans are entitled to adopt a framework of  adverse inference about his American citizenship.

Adverse Inference:

  • Unfavorable deduction that may be drawn by the fact-finder from the failure of a party to produce a normally expected witness or other evidence. It may be presumed that the failure to produce was because the testimony or other evidence would have been harmful to that party.
  • An adverse inference generally is a legal inference, adverse to the concerned party, made from a party’s silence or the absence of requested evidence. For example, as a sanction for spoliation of evidence, a court may instruct the jury it could draw an inference that the evidence contained in the destroyed documents would have been unfavorable.

Obama and his new world order handlers, complicit democrats and republicans, the flat-earth eligibility deniers, and the media have lost their epic multi-million dollar battle to keep Obama’s illegality hidden from the American public. They have lost it because both they and Obama cannot produce any evidence that Obama is a natural born citizen, let alone American citizen.

With each day, the depth of Obama’s deception is exposed, even with the most basic element of natural born citizenship–being an American citizen.

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Who is a Natural Born Citizen?

©2011 drkate

(see update at end)


It is time for the democrats, the republicans, the Tea Party, the media, and the supporters of the Obama regime to have a serious discussion of the Constitution’s Article II natural born citizenship clause and the meaning of allegiance to the United States.  Being the President is not a ‘right’, or an equal opportunity; nor does it have anything to do with skin color. The Constitutional requirements for the Presidency cannot be overridden by an election.

Americans by now have  basic gut feeling that Obama is not an American. We see and experience that he is a person who dislikes our Nation and its founding documents.  We also instinctively now know that Obama is not a  ‘natural born citizen’.  We know all politicians lie, but a natural born Citizen President would not:

  • Jail Terry Lakin for requesting the information necessary to prove the authenticity of the CIC’s orders.  In fact, if Obama had been vetted and was proven an NBC, Terry Lakin would be in Afghanistan helping his fellow soldiers.
  • Treat the military with disrespect
  • Sue a state for exercising its Ninth and Tenth Amendment priorities
  • Invade or bomb Libya at the request of the international community or without Congressional approval
  • Seize the economy
  • Apologize for America
  • Refuse to salute the flag or honor the National Anthem
  • Declare Christianity irrelevant
  • Fly the Chinese flag over the White House

These are serious violations of the law, the Constitution and the national security of the Nation.

Over the course of these months there have been many cogent descriptions of who is a natural born citizen. One of the best to date–Unalienable and Undivided Natural Allegiance— I am pleased to cross post with permission from The Birthers:

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Supremes to Conference on Obama Eligibility

©2011 drkate

The case of Hollister v. Soetoro will be distributed for conference on Friday, March 4, at the Supreme Court.  As you recall, the judge in this case deemed Hollister’s case frivolous as Obama’s eligibility  had been ‘twittered’ and thus resolved.  He dismissed the case and then threatened sanctions. What he forgot to do was dismiss the case based on standing, as all the other judges have.

John Hemenway, attorney for Hollister, directly challenged the Supreme Court to uphold its duty to their oath in protecting the Constitution.

A veteran attorney who has pursued a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility since he was elected is telling the U.S. Supreme Court that if its members continue to “avoid” the dispute they effectively will “destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system.”

Hemenway had submitted a separate motion for the recusal of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan on the basis of their financial interest in Obama’s continuance.  Apparently the Supreme Court broke its own rules, called it a ‘request’, and Sotomayor and Kagan were involved in the decision to deny Hollister’s petition for writ  without comment in December 2010.

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Obama Fails Under the 20th Amendment

©2011 drkate

(h/t toto)

The Twentieth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads in part:

Section 3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.

Caught in a Lie

Barack Hussein Obama never qualified for the Presidency under the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution and must immediately step down. Because the failure to qualify was known to Barack and Michelle Obama, Biden, the Democratic National Committee, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Abercrombie and the State of Hawaii at a minimum, the entire process of certification of the 2008 vote of the Electoral College on January 8, 2009, was fraudulent and is thus retroactively null and void.  It matters not that the ‘process was completed’ if the underlying information used to complete the process was known to be fraudulent, and further, that there was a conspiracy to hide this information from the public.

No  Obama Executive Order, military order, appointment at any level of government, signed legislation, treaty negotiations, foreign agreements, or military, foreign or domestic actions can be presumed legal.  Obama’s words are meaningless and do not represent the views of the United States.  Moreover, active espionage is underway the longer Obama remains occupying the White House and learning the intricacies of national defense and security.

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Without Obama We Thrive!


…dispatches from the road…

The clueless and disrespectful Obamas use the rawness of the Arizona shooting tragedy–of death and maiming unexplained —to switch the focus to the campaign for 2012. What a crass way to interfere with the honoring of slain and wounded people, like the way he has treated every medal of honor winner and dead soldier since he seized the White House.  He has absolutely no respect for Americans, for America, or for everyday human decency. This event would have been more respectful and meaningful without the usurpation of the Obamas.

Did we mention that Obama’s  “Justice” Department is suing Arizona making war on the states, aka, treason, and inviting other jurisdictions to join in the lawsuit?  Oh yes, what about the announcement of Judge Roll just 72 hours before his assassination that he intended to rule against the Obama administration’s efforts to seize –using FDR’s gold seizure in the 1930’s as precedent- – $330,000–calling it unlawful ‘absent evidence of criminal intent or activity’?  Click on the image to see an important film on why it is important to make the narcissist Obama’s symbol a laughing stock of the Nation.

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Five Days to Infamy

©2010 drkate

Usurper v USA

The United States Army, and in particular, its Chief of Staff; the U.S. Department of Defense; and the Congress of the United States have less than five days to demonstrate that they have intention to follow their oaths of office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  All signs point to cowardice, misprision of treason, and dereliction of duty, all offenses whose consequence is immediate court martial, removal from office and prison.


New video from the Arizona Lakin rally, h/t Ed Vallejo:

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Regime Change

©2010 drkate

WikiLeaks’ disclosures are not a threat to America. But they are an immense threat to the current regime, because they represent a colossal indictment of its incompetence and doltishness. ~V. Kohlmayer

The timing  of prankster Obama’s release of the wikileaks information was too obvious to miss this time around: divert attention away from

  • The betrayal of the Constitution by the Supreme Court in the Kerchner petition
  • The defeat and message of the 2010 elections
  • The lame duck Congress wreaking havoc on family gardens, doctors, jobless people, and millions of working Americans
  • LTC Terry Lakin’s Court Martial
  • Unconstitutional and useless airport ‘pat downs’ and irradiation of the public with the xray scanners
  • Russia and China’s dumping of the U.S. dollar
  • The missile fired off the coast of California

…just to name a few of the constant assault on America that obama represents…

And just in case you forgot, the threat to his media buddies, to prosecute  wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and the threatened arrest of others is a not-so subtle message that he could use this to shut down the net when he wants to.

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Supreme Court COWARDS

©2010 drkate

The time has arrived, Patriots.  Our entire system has been corrupted, and the cowardice of the Supreme Court has been fully exposed.  There is no legal reason why the Kerchner Petition was denied, obviously the Supremes were unable to come up with a single reason why they denied cert.

They couldn’t come up with a reason–except ‘politics’–and that wouldn’t look very Supreme Court like, now would it?

We know that Kerchner and Apuzzo are right on the law…not one argument put up by Obama’s team went to the merits of the case.  And they argued that we don’t have standing, as the American people…they urged the court to ignore the law, the constitution, history, and the people it is supposed to serve.

This lack of response to the merits means that Kerchner proved Obama is ineligible.

There is no more conspiracy…it is true, the United States government was overthrown in 2008. And the Supreme Court has now effectively stated that anyone can be president in our country, to heck with Article II or any aspect of the constitution.

We must acknowledge that God does have a plan; that this defeat is part of it.  He has placed in our way even more challenges…would the removal of Obama have placated our souls so that we would do no more work for our Country?  Would we go ‘back to our lives’?

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  Remember, the danger for LTC Terry Lakin is now immensely greater.  And our national security is at great risk.

I’ve got lots more to say, and plans are already hatching.  To those obots and obamathugs watching this blog, you won’t know of these plans until they hit you.

Courage and the Constitution:  this is our clarion call.  All your life has prepared you for this moment.

Standing and the Constitution

©2010 drkate

Indeed, Obama has no right to the Office of President and Commander in Chief. He can only occupy that office at the pleasure, discretion, and option of the People which includes the Kerchner petitioners. And the Kerchner petitioners, showing that both Congress and the Executive have failed to protect them and their individual rights guaranteed to them under the U.S. Constitution and in their effort to therefore protect themselves, have every right to take their claims to a court of law for the purpose of enforcing their personal and individual right to that protection. ~Mario Apuzzo

The central argument used by Obama’s legal defense to  prevent questions of his eligibility from reaching the discovery phase revolves around whether the plaintiffs have standing to bring a question before the court, and if the court has the jurisdiction to hear the case. Whether the court has jurisdiction to take a question depends in part upon whether the plaintiffs have presented specific evidence that the injury claimed is ‘concrete and particularized’.

This is the first question presented to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Petition for Writ of Certiorari submitted by Mario Apuzzo on behalf of Commander Kerchner, which has been distributed to the Justices for conference on November 23:

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Calling Obama’s Bluff

©2010 drkate

America’s Tienanmen Square is coming–heck, it is already here.  If you don’t believe that our lives are at stake with a usurper occupying the White House, ask Lt. Col. Lakin.

LTC. Terry Lakin, Calling Obama's Bluff

Remember, LTC Lakin is facing being mowed over by a tank hard labor in Leavenworth because he called Obama’s bluff dared to ask Obama to prove himself eligible to order men into war.  Obama would rather put a decorated army officer in jail than produce a $20 piece of paper.

LTC Lakin is defending our Constitution and our rights–do not let this brave man get run down in broad daylight.  Remember there are others standing right there too–Commander Charles Kerchner, in fact standing despite all who say there is none.

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Tyrant Obama’s Triumphant Return

©2010 drkate

“Usurper flees the Country”  was the original title of this post.

…and yes, we are talking about the United States of America, and the usurper is Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama.  High-tailing it–along with 450 of his closest friends co-conspirators–to Indonesia with an extended visit to India on November 4th.  Indonesia has no extradition treaty with the United States.

But after discussing this turn of events with Patriot Papoose, my view is revised.  Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about the expected repudiation of his whole being loss of the house and senate–his trip is intended to send a very different message than the FU he is deliberately giving to America.

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The President of Chile and the Resident of the White House

©2010 drkate

San Jose Mine, Chile

This essay is first and foremost a tribute to Chile and its President, the Chilean people and to all those around the world including America who contributed to the success of this rescue.  A second purpose is to compare the responses of the Chilean President and the Resident of the White House to disasters man-made and natural.

Congratulations, Chile!

The President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera engaged his entire government and the entire Nation in an effort to rescue thirty-three miners trapped a half a mile underground. The operation was joyously successful and graced by God the prayers of millions.  It seems that when the situation seems most hopeless, the Creator has the chance to really show us his stuff.  Through faith and works, a miracle occurred 17  days into looking for a needle in a rock pile drilling

Then a cheer went up as the note arrived, attached to a probe that had been lowered: “All 33 of us are well in the shelter.” The note continued.. “Under this sea of rock, we are expecting all of Chile to pull hard so that we can be taken out of this hell,” Urzua told Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. The news electrified the rescuers, and sent whoops of excitement around the world: the 32 Chileans and one Bolivian were still alive.

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A Test for the Supremes

©2010 drkate

This case is about whether our nation should allow a precedent created by a popular vote to stand that makes it possible for an individual who is born with dual and conflicting foreign allegiance to become President and Commander-in-Chief of the Military.  This case is about whether we should allow a critical question such as the meaning of a ‘natural born Citizen’ to be answered by the political parties and the people through their act of voting at the polls, or by the judicial branch of government…

On September 30 2010, a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to grant a Writ of Certiorari in the Kerchner v. Obama and Congress lawsuit was filed by Attorney Apuzzo for Commander Kerchner.  Painstakingly shepherding this case through the proper legal procedures for more than twenty (20) months, without legal error or misstep,  Commander Kerchner’s  case is finally ripe for judicial review.

The petition delineates in considerable detail the reasons why the Supreme Court should take the case, offering a slightly different perspective on the excellent pleadings that have characterized Kerchner’s effort since January 2009.

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Occams Razor and Presidential Eligibility

©2010 drkate

Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae (translating to the law of parsimony, law of economy or law of succinctness). The principle is popularly interpreted as “the simplest explanation is usually the correct one”. When competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selection of the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities while still sufficiently answering the question.  It is in this sense that Occam’s razor is usually understood.

As applied to the question of Obama’s failure to produce even one document that affirmatively identifies him as a natural born citizen, the following question applies:

What is the likelihood that Obama is hiding documents that:

  1. are harmless and benign?
  2. contain damaging information?

Separating the two options with a razor, it is clearly door number 2.

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The New World’s “Secret Order”

©2010 drkate

The World on the NWO Chessboard

The Brzezinski Formula proposed that the New World Order (NWO) is ultimately the force(s) behind the current constitutional crisis we face in the brazen usurper,  the economic collapse, the attacks of 911, and the continued Islamic jihad against America.  Of course there are the enablers in Congress, the media, the military, the universities, and political ranks, all willing participants and sworn to secrecy as to their true mission.  But the enablers are not the inner core, they are the outer circle.

In my dreams I see this as a gargantuan hole filled with rubble, fire, wind, and endless smoke, with many faces  and visions appearing in the billowing and towering ashes.

And when the dust settles, I see the same group of people who throughout history have sought to enslave the entire world under one religion, one government, one master–consisting of a ruling elite.  Theoretically when we truly see ‘them’, we could craft more targeted and effective strategies…but will there be anything left when the smoke clears?

Looking for anything that was useful to this clearing, I was directed to the google videos of Professor Walter Veith.  As these are life-changing and clarifying videos ,a few snippets and links to full videos are provided here.

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The Brzezinski Formula

©2010 drkate

Zbig uses Osama

Obama’s foreign policy advisor and former professor at Columbia is Zbigniew Brzezinski, and his fingerprints are all over the obama so-called ‘foreign policy’.  As a professor at Columbia University when Obama supposedly was in attendance, it is more than likely that Zbig recruited students as future implementers of his policies, and arranged for their travel abroad, like Obama’s trip to Pakistan to go ‘partridge hunting’, which occurred during the spring of 1981, the same date of the photograph of Zbig and Osama.

The World on the NWO Chessboard

Brzezinski’s education and background made him a soviet scholar, studying the perils and history of communist governments. As a policy strategist, Zbig’s goal was to undermine the Soviet Union through covert activities involving radical extremism.  But something happened along the way, and Zbig ended up being one of the founding members (h/t Red Pill) of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral short, he joined New World Order boys.  Under the guise of anti-communist activity, Zbig was the primary architect of developing the muslim terrorist apparatus that could be used as a geopolitical weapon by U.S. intelligence to further its the New World Order political goals.  He has bragged about it.

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Turning the Tables

©2010 drkate

Poster from

The effort to bring attention to a legitimate constitutional question of Presidential eligibility has been fraught with unbelievable distractions, ridiculous denials even from so-called ‘patriots’, and cold stone silence from the judicary, Congress, our friends and family.  The intent is to make us feel like we are isolated and crazy.  We see the sheet of rain that engulfs us; no one else apparently can. We are told to move on, as there is nothing to see there.

It has almost worked.  Almost.

Like a child asking to be caught, Obama has raised the issue once again by whining of the ‘lies’ about his background.  Asked about his faith, he responded with complaints about his birth certificate.  Surely this is a ploy to foster the image of a beleaguered pResident,  but again refocuses the concern to the ‘birth certificate’, not his actual citizenship.  He is trying, through his own reverse pressure, to get the general public to accept the forged certification of live birth as ‘proof’ of his citizenship.

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Kerchner, Apuzzo, and the Supreme Court

©2010 drkate

Its been nearly two years since my first blog post ever, The Trojan Candidate, which began with the simple question–why does Obama hate America so much?  If you recall, that post began with a song quoted by Billy Ayers, the terrorist punk:

“The end of an empire is messy at best
And this empire is ending
Like all the rest
Like the Spanish Armada adrift on the sea
We’re adrift in the land of the brave
And the home of the free
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.”

We now know that Ayers, as well as others who hopefully wish for the destruction of America, knew the finishing touches of the end would be to place a usurper into the White House, a radical bent on ‘fundamentally transforming America’. Nothing Soebarkah did, said, or promised changed this fundamental goal: the destruction of the United States as we know it.

The steady march of the left, that took the long, if misguided view, to erode fundamental principles of our Nation took a subtle path: attack through political correctness, undermine people’s will through the judiciary with its fake promise to uphold the Constitution, and dumb-down the American public with education infused to confuse and undermine the thinking, individual sovereign.

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No More Blood Money

©2010 drkate

Blood Money. Money gotten ruthlessly at the expense of others’ lives or suffering

To hide his citizenship, the place of his birth and his parents by blood, Obama is using United States taxpayer money…he uses the Justice Department to defend the usurpation; he is buying off other countries’ silence with our money; and he is using United States resources to facilitate jihad inside this country.

Another impeachable offense for Soebarkah:  At least $23 million went to Kenya’s ‘yes’ campaign for a new constitution–?

As it turns out, Obama has been doing favors for Kenya since he was an Illinois State Senator.  Maybe even before then:  who helped out the jailed weatherman named “Odinga” after the Brinks Robbery, when Obama was in the neighborhood?  The lobbying for Kenya’s constitution, which institutes sharia law and promotes abortion, using taxpayer money is illegal.

While we suffer, he uses the treasury as his own personal banking account to keep people quiet about his true identity and to remake America into his own twisted third-world vision.  Far too many people have died, too conveniently, just when the truth could be exposed.

I call that ‘blood money’.  Not in my name, and not on my dime.

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No More Talking

©2010 drkate

If the current government cannot protect the people or the states, then it is our duty to create a government that can.

America in Distress

I am inspired to share with readers the responses to the proposed Constitutional Accountability Project, aka, The Usurpathon activities planned for September 6-9, 2010.  Take a deep breath and consider the realities presented here, for they speak the truth.


I am afraid that this will rebound upon us negatively.  The time for this type of activity has passed.  It will only serve to show the opposition that we are capable of mounting greater numbers, a threat that can be countered.  The time for demonstrations and talking is past.  ONLY an act involving civil disobediance will now serve us.  Force is called for, NOT VIOLENCE OR ARMED REBELLION!!!! Civil disobedience, blocking the State House with Congress inside demanding that these issues be dealt with NOW.  Blocking the Supreme Court with the Justices inside until they agree to quit avoiding the eligibility issue.  Nothing short of that or some similar action will serve to do anything beyond warn the enemy of our increasing ability and allow them to prepare. NO MORE TALKING>

and here:

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Constitutional Accountability Project: Usurpation of the Presidency

©2010 drkate

(Author’s Note:  Permission to Cross post granted in full–please Patriots, help spread the word!)

A Constitutional Crisis

For the first time in its history, the United States government has knowingly allowed a constitutionally- ineligible individual to break into and occupy the White House.  All the branches of government have been involved, along with the media: the legislative branch by failing to do its constitutional duty; the judicial branch by thwarting any attempt to have the facts heard; the Executive branch by using taxpayer funds and the color of authority to defend the usurpation.

The media, in collaboration with private unelected officials and elected officials, have ensured a blackout of news and information on this most fundamental matter to the American public. The State governments also obliged the usurpation with a collective failure to ensure the integrity of the 2008 election.  In 2008, all Americans were disenfranchised as a result of this dereliction of duty, in certain cases with malice aforethought.

The natural born citizen clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 was written with the national security interests of the United States as its focus.  In order to ensure that the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was loyal ONLY to the United States, the natural born citizen clause requires  the President to be born on United States soil, to two citizen parents; have 14 years residency in the United States, and be 35 years of age.  Mr. Obama fails the threshold test of being born to two U.S. citizen parents, as his father was a British National and Kenyan.

America in Distress

The violation of this particular clause of the Constitution, above all others, is the most serious ever in United States history, for it has allowed the invasion of the White House and our armed forces by a foreign power.  This should alarm every American. Nothing the federal government does at this point has authority of law inasmuch as its titular head is illegally occupying the White House.  We are extremely vulnerable to attack, blackmail, and extortion as a result of this egregious dereliction of duty. Congress’ duty to investigate the usurpation, and to have prevented it, is not a ministerial duty, it is an obligation. An on-going one.  They all know, and now cannot evade their responsibility.

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DrKate’s Platoon Takes the Hill

© 2010 drkate

The Mission on the Hill

Initiating action to Stop Them Cold, drkates Platoon (h/t LC) heads to Washington in early September to take the Hill with a surprise greeting:



Focusing squarely on Obama’s ineligibility, we will press returning Congressmen to obey their oath of office to defend and uphold the Constitution for the United States by investigating and removing him from office. Further, we will demand the investigation and indictment of Nancy Pelosi for documented election fraud, and remind Congressmen and their staff of Title 18 U.S.C., Misprision of Felony, and their obligation to report criminal activity they have witnessed.

Just down the block, we will reserve our best signs for the usurper himself, reminding him that we know he is a usurper, that he is committing treason, and that we demand he leave our White House.  The misprision signs will certainly be visible to White House staff.  (Photo h/t Dora)

Judges can be impeached too

And just up the hill a little way, we will reserve a special event for the fools on the hill Justices at the Supreme Court. 😛

(note to self: always take a shower after writing about these traitors  😮 )

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Lies that Bind

©2010 drkate

Starting nearly from scratch to uncover the truth of the Constitution, and constructing a pathway forward through the constitutional crises we face, author Martin Babitz begins with a basic question, and an answer:

“if our federal government can do whatever it deems proper, controlled only by our mere right to elect or re-elect certain officials every few years, what makes our system different, providing greater liberty than all the others that have free elections but are dominated by a supreme national government?  Nothing.”

We have been taught to believe that federal power is limited only by ‘checks and balances’ among branches of government against each other, and the authority of the people to elect officials in those branches every few years.  Indeed, judicial decision-making regarding standing in the constitutional case of Obama’s usurpation confirms this view: this critical issue is relegated to the ballot box (via the political question) or dismissed due to some fictional standing argument about the branches of government.

The problem for the government and the justices is that the people are waking up.  We get it now, so no amount of bamboozling is going to put us back to sleep.

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The Transparent Despot

© 2010 drkate

The Despot

We have in Obama personally, and in the government itself, a classic example of a despot, and despotism.


  • A master; a lord; especially, an absolute or irresponsible ruler or sovereign.
  • One who rules regardless of a constitution or laws; a tyrant.
  • Colloquially, ‘despot’ has been applied pejoratively to a person, particularity a head of state or government, who abuses his power and authority to oppress his people, subjects or subordinates. In this sense, it is similar to the pejorative connotations that have likewise arisen with the term ‘tyrant‘. ‘Dictator’ also has developed nearly similar pejorative connotations, though ‘despot’ and ‘tyrant’ tend to stress cruelty and even enjoyment therefrom, while ‘dictator’ tends to imply more harshness or unfair implementation of law.

The element of cruelty applies particularly well to Obama, whose hatred for all things American is evident in every policy action, every maladministration of public affairs, every inaction, appointment, and Executive Order he signs.

The only silver lining is that this despot’s agenda and actions are now so obvious that they are easy targets to use.  For the now-exposed agenda offers an opportunity to lay the foundation for the wholesale removal of the current government and its corrupt judiciary, and its replacement by a Constitutional government.

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Removing the Usurper

© 2010 drkate

America in Distress

A most organized, targeted, citizen-based effort to force the removal of the usurper S/Obama will be launched very soon, beginning with an on-line meeting of the Stop Them Cold group.

There are other extremely worthwhile efforts underway which continue to need our support. This ‘Stop Them Cold’ effort will be unique in that all aspects and points of fraud, deceit, and deception will be ‘day-lighted’ for all to see.  And in a most poignant and shocking way, one that will embarrass those who continue to make excuses for violating the law.

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Stop Them Cold: The Usurpathon

©2010 drkate

Announcing The Usurpathon: A Rolling ‘Velvet Revolution’ to Remove the Usurper, et al

We’ve been running a marathon, and now we know fully who Obama/Soetoro is, who he is not, and what he is about. We also are aware that he is a tool of others–whose agenda is decisively anti-American, and that this program is in open, full swing against the American people.

America in Distress

Inspired by the agreement and comments generated in The Silver Bullet, and by an article on the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution, the hour has arrived…to Stop Them Cold.

A General Framework

The main focus of this effort is Obama’s lack of eligibility for the Presidency, and to boldly put forth that he is a usurper. Naming it ‘usurper’, and being prepared to say–verbally and with signage– ‘usurping is not racist, its illegal’,  is critical to defining the terms of the discussion, and reclaims the language.

We must offer a solution that is rooted in our Constitution:

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The Silver Bullet

©2010 drkate

It is often said that there is no ‘silver bullet’, no one pathway to stop a destructive element once it has begun.  But in the case of the U.S. ‘march to socialism’ and its own internal destruction, there IS a silver bullet:  it is Obama’s lack of eligibility.

What eligibility issue?

Those who haven’t already, wrap your mind around this:  the man has no authority whatsoever to do anything: nominate Supreme Court Justices, appoint czars, to spend our money, or to nationalize the auto, banking and health industries. He certainly has no authority to decide, all by himself, to nuke the oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico and destroy us all.

Don’t send me another petition to stop this or that nomination or bill– focus on the source of the problem: he is illegally occupying the office of the Presidency. Don’t write me any more analyses of what is wrong with this psycho, he is illegally occupying the White House.

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