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Under New Management

©2016 drkate

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 6

As President Elect Trump begins his job, ours must similarly begin in earnest.  Ponder then, the lessons we have learned from this last election period…

  • Do not be intimidated
  • Defend and stand up for yourself and principles
  • Political correctness kills
  • Our enemies are still around us
  • Every voice counts
  • Smart action over “more” action
  • Strategic over reactionary

Pick out just  couple of these in the list above, and see how that truth has changed your life and the way you act, speak, and think in this world.  Is there time to be politically correct anymore?  We have domestic enemies, terror, globalists, and foreign enemies in our midst in all forms including ideology.

We who have eyes to see and ears to hear should know that we are under new management…stand in any one of the principles or them all and hear the calling to step forward in your life to manifest this new management.

Normally our politicians communicate to us through the lens of a biased media…until we became aware of the fraud perpetuated even by the so-called “right” media.  Trump knew he would never be able to reach us Americans through that lens.  Communication is now under new management:


Find ways to communicate, research, understand, and move without any false filter!

To this author, the only filter that counts is God…and there, the outlines of what is to come are but just sketches and possibilities.

Open Thread

A Litany of Thanksgiving 2014

©2014 drkate


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park (


A Litany of Thanksgiving

Today, I make my Sacrament of Thanksgiving

I begin with the simple things of my days:

Fresh air to breathe,

Cool water to drink,

The taste of food,

The protection of house and clothes,

The comforts of home.

For all these, I make an act of Thanksgiving this day!


I bring to mind all of the warmth of humankind that I have known:

My Mother’s arms,

The strength of my father,

The playmates of my childhood,

The wonderful stories brought to me from the lives of many who have talked of days gone by when fairies and giants and all kinds of magic held sway;

The tears I have shed, the tears I have seen;

The excitement of laughter and the twinkle in the eye with its reminder that life is   good.

For all of these I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I finger one by one the messages of hope that awaited me at the crossroads:

The smile of approval from those who held in their hands the reins of my security;

The tightening of the grip in the simple handshake when I feared the step before me in the darkness;

The whisper in my heart when the temptation was fiercest and the claims of appetite were not to be denied;

The crucial word said, the simple sentence from an open page when my decision hung in the balance.

For all these , I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I pass before me the main springs of my heritage:

The fruits of the labors of countless generations who have lived before me, without whom my own life would have no meaning;

The seers who saw visions and dreamed dreams;

The prophets who sensed a truth greater than mind could grasp and whose words could only find fulfillment in the years which they would never see;

The workers whose sweat has watered the trees, the leaves of which are for the healing of the nations;

The pilgrims who set their sails for lands beyond all horizons, whose courage made paths into new worlds and far off places;

The saviors whose blood was shed with a recklessness that only a dream could inspire and God command.

For all of these, I make an act of Thanksgiving this day.


I linger over the meaning of my own life and the commitment to which I give the loyalty of my heart and mind:

The little purposes in which I have shared with my loves, my desires, my gifts;

The restlessness which bottoms all I do with its stark insistence that I have never done my best, I have never dared to reach for the highest;

The big hope that never quite deserts me, that I and my kind will study war no more, that love and tenderness and all of the inner graces of Almight affection will cover the life of the children of God as waters cover the sea.


All these and more than mind can think and heart can feel,

I make as my sacrament of Thanksgiving to Thee,

Our Creator, in humbleness of mind and simplicity of heart.

~ A poem by Howard Thurman, Thanksgiving 1959~



“Admit the Horse”–A Political Thriller

©2012 drkate

“Set against the background of epic dislocation in the financial markets and a supine media, ADMIT THE HORSE is a political thriller about a dark-horse political candidate whose meteoric rise to the pinnacle of power is engineered amidst illegal campaign contributions, voter fraud, and murder –”

😯 My eyes popped open when I read the jacket description of this recently published book written by Paula Abeles, a host of the popular Sins of Omission BTR show at No Quarter.  Readers here  know that the iniquity of the assault upon our beloved America would also make a great novel…that would unfortunately be based on the truth. 😯

Based upon actual documented events during the 2008 presidential election, the author provides a riveting written documentary of  key threads of what we witnessed in the ‘election’ of 2008, and what has since been confirmed as we move toward the 2012 election.  The book makes good reading and is a page-turnerRevolution Radio recently hosted author Paula Abeles and the archive of the show is HERE.

This book gives me a sense of gratitude for the understanding of the thing we called it back then.  Those of us who love liberty knew that one candidate had the protection and assistance of something far greater than the man himself, and these pages have certainly discussed what those powers might be.  There was indeed a Trojan Horse at the door.  In novel style, Abeles describes how the horse was admitted. The characters include:

…a detective, retired DEA Investigator, an idealistic venture capitalist, an African-American congresswoman, and a suburban mom volunteering for his opponent.

Join us on Revolution Radio for an exciting discussion and review of this book, and the implications of our tasks going forward in 2012.  Please post any questions you might have for the author in comments! 🙂

This thread is dedicated to the remembrance of those events and people, and to the remedy which will make America renew and be anew in God’s eyes as we have answered that call.  Then, Open Thread !

Two Tributes

©2009 drkate

Greetings Patriots!  Thank you for your patience as our family works with this next phase in our lives.  Please enjoy this heartfelt tribute to our Armed Forces and the Common Man, published in 2009.

For our men and women of the Armed Forces…

For the common man…

All American.

Open thread!

On Constitutional Authority

©2011 drkate

Building the 2nd American Republic

If we wish to think seriously about government there are certain basic questions we must ask. For example, we need to figure out how legitimate governments are established, or to put it in slightly different terms, we have to ask, “What is the foundation of legitimate political authority?” ~ Center for Civic Education

More than one hundred years before the Founders developed the Constitution for the united States, philosopher John Locke articulated the foundation for a government of, by and for the people.  By looking at the problem from the vantage of viewing what life  would be like without government, Locke called man in this state as being in a state of nature,

and argued that it “has a law of nature to govern it which obliges everyone, and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions….”

This state antedates any form of government, yet guides the purpose of government and the extent of its political authority. Fundamentally, it also provides the reason why a people would leave such a state of nature to form a government.

Locke held that the inalienable rights of individuals form the basis of all rightful governments. According to him, individuals possess these rights simply by virtue of their humanity… The authority exercised by governments is exercised on the basis of the consent of the governed and they consent to the exercise of that authority in order to acquire security for their natural rights to life, liberty and estate.

The rest is our history, you know. The thirteen independent sovereign states joined together to create our government whose purpose is to secure our natural rights. The law that empowered that government was the Constitution. They chose liberty and formed a government to secure it.

Government exists only with the consent of the governed and pursuant only to government officials’ lawful exercise of  their duties under the Constitution and their oath of office:

“I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (not ‘so help me Allah‘…)

In the context of the original design and foundation of the Constitution, every single act, decision, expenditure of funds, declaration of war, and economic policy by the Obama administration, the Federal Reserve, and the  111th and 112th Congress is  null and void. Obama is ineligible and the Congress has abrogated its responsibilities.

The only Constitutional authority held lawfully in the United States today is held by We the People in and of the States. 

We have not exercised our Constitutional authority in more than fifty years. We instead continue to talk about it while our nation burns to the ground and the world is allied against America.  We blame ourselves, each other, Obama, the Congress, the republicans, the democrats, our lack of faith, the system.  More divisions emerge for us to describe, counter, understand, ignore, or cast into intrigue. Just enough information to keep from taking action.

Well, the darkest hour has arrived, and the line in the sand is bright for all to see.  It will be even a longer time before the light of day if we don’t start taking action now.

We are all ‘Birthers’ now.

Celebrating American Independence

©2011 drkate

Two-hundred and thirty-five years after our first Declaration of Independence, true Americans in 2011 celebrate the preciousness of liberty with clarity and vision. Sobering questions about our future as a Republic, and our role as citizens in protecting our liberty permeate the air and each breath as the sights, sounds, and smell of celebration surround the senses.

In 2011, it is a time of reaffirmation, of spiritual awakening, of moral renewal…a realization that suddenly we are standing in the shoes of our Founders.  The case for American  redress having failed, it was then, and it is time now, for declaring a second wave of American independence.

Before making that move to declare independence, Thomas Jefferson believed that

…the King could be persuaded as to the true state of American affairs: that the patriot opposition was not a small faction but encompassed the body of the people, and that they meant to ‘insist vigorously’ on their rights…

But neither the King nor the King’s men were persuaded, arrogantly standing their ground with the most powerful army in the world at their command.  And the most sophisticated, well-fed, paid and clothed army in the world succumbed to surprise, determination, battlefield tactics, and the love for liberty.

Reaffirm. Regenerate. Re-member. Re-create. Revolve. Revolution

Happy Independence Day!

“…go from us in peace…”

©2011 drkate

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” ~ Sam Adams 1776

And its 1776 all over again. We the people are at our own government’s doorstep, and we want our Constitution back.

For more than fifteen (15) years, the American people have petitioned the government for redress of grievances only to be turned away time and again while they continue to do what they please.

The Supreme Court passed down a decision in 1984 that said,

“Nothing in the First Amendment or in this Court’s case law interpreting it suggests that the rights to speak, associate, and petition require government policymakers to listen or respond to communications of members of the public on public issues”.

A recent decision reaffirms this…

 The right to petition under the First Amendment does not impose an obligation on the federal government to respond to citizens, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has ruled.

In We the People Foundation, Inc. v. United States, decided May 8, the court relied on two Supreme Court cases, Smith v. Arkansas State Highway Employees, 441 U.S. 463 (1979) and Minnesota State Board for Community Colleges v. Knight, 465 U.S. 271, 286 (1984). Both concerned public-employee grievances.

This case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court but certiorari was denied.

Is it any wonder then, that the political class would take this decision as a green light to do whatever they want and laugh in our faces about it?  And the corruption since 1984 has certainly deepened and spread…and now they have all let a usurper into the White House and refuse to address it. This picture perfectly captures who they are.  We should have arrested them while they dared to show their faces to the public.

Criminal enablers of Obama

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The Truth Matters

©2011 drkate

I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercises their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.  This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.  ~Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Wilson Cary Nicholas September 1803

With gratitude to Obama Release Your Records, another fine video with Dr. Terry Lakin from The Birther Report:

Study. Observe. Prepare.

Civic Action to Stop Obama

©2011 drkate

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. ~Thomas Jefferson

There is more than enough information on Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility to begin to bring this message home to the people of the United States. Social security fraud, birth certificate fraud…these things people understand.  People also know that a dual citizen may not be president of the United States.

Once the American people understand what we have in the White House and the depth of corruption that allows this to continue, it will come to an end.  The Eligibility Civic Action Contest asked this question…

…and challenged you all to come up with some ideas for informing people just what was at stake.  The timing of the above photo, Kathleen Gotto’s excellent article:  American Citizens’ Demand For Justice Against the Overthrow of the U.S. Constitution , and the introduction of a Revolution Radio series on Civic Actions generated a host of ideas proudly shared here…though informed readers will see things between the lines of things best not telegraphed.

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The Constitution: English Common Law or the Law of Nations?

©2011  The Birthers

(cross-posted with permission…)

The Constitution of the United States was based on English Common Law or the Law of Nations?

Very soon a new debate will arise in America as the 2012 Presidential elections take place. This debate will not be about where of Obama was born, but rather which definition of a natural born citizen did the founding fathers use. Many pundits will say that a natural born citizen is nothing more than a English natural-born subject, because it is the definition they want to have applied to Obama. Others will say it is a definition taken from Emmer Vattel’s work called the Law of Nations.

Will you believe that the Constitution of the United States was influenced by this man and his writings?

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—-A report from Jeff Lichter

Yesterday in the Senate at 20-9 and Tonight By 40 – 16 – and 4 not voting in the House of Representatives.  I believe that every Republican on both sides of the aisle were YES votes.  Awesome.

It’s time now to start calling Governor Brewer’s office.  This may need verification and re-checking, but I believe she has 5 days (possibly as much as 10 but no more than that) to sign it.  If she doesn’t sign it at all, it becomes law.  The only way it does not is if she vetoes it.


And Give Us Liberty 1776 has a more direct message for Obama:


Obama’s Obvious Inconvenient Truth

©2011 drkate

Usurper caught in a lie

The Constitutionalists have clearly proven through evidence, argument, and historical research the meaning of “natural born citizen” as stated in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution.  We have also proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama has no birth certificate from Hawaii.  It is as plain as day, not a complicated thing. Barry Soetoro Obama may not even be an American citizen.

Further, the Constitutionalists have also proven that there has been coordinated activity to defraud the American public among government agencies, the media, universities across the United States, private citizens, the judiciary, banks and corporations.  They have aided and abetted the destruction of the United States through the installation of a foreign usurper who is implementing a foreign agenda.  It has been a long time in the making, but the ‘mechanics’ of the usurpation have names attached to them.

This fact will never go away, and neither will those of us who know and care about the United States of America.  Obama’s fundamental Constitutional ineligibility remains his inconvenient, untimely, and ugly truth.

If We Are Wrong…

  • Why spend the money?
  • Why jail Lakin?
  • Why dismiss cases?
  • Why the murders?
  • Why go after patriotic Americans?
  • Why ‘quietly scrub‘ legal manuals?
  • Why have the media go blind for now three years?
  • Why the feigned stupidity and obtuseness?

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Resist the Collective

©2011 drkate

The attack on individual liberty and individualism, and its substitution with collectivism, is a central goal of the left, communist and many other ‘ideologies’.  This is designed to break down individual and national sovereignty in favor of the collective whole, including the world.

This post, and the several others reported here chronicles the history of the progressive left’s attack on the Constitution, the consequences of which we are experiencing today.  Still fundamental to the success in the breakdown of America is the blurring of the line between self and the collective, which enslaves, a theme reviewed here, and again by G. Edward Griffin below.

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“One Party Classroom”

©2011 drkate

Returning to the framework of a watershed as we look at the progressive erosion of the Constitution and American republic, a pervasive tool that has been used to  achieve  total control over the American mind has been the education system.

There are, in my view, several layers to this effort, one of which is that the that core left ideology has been implanted in schools and particularly in liberal arts universities. This ideology reflects generally a socialist or marxist viewpoint that had infiltrated and captured the democrats.

Another layer is that the left ideology in schools, fundamentally anti-American, masks the larger, New World Order agenda superimposed upon the professors and curriculum of the Nation’s ‘leading’ universities. This is the same mask used by the NWO-captured politicians who dance the game of party deception.

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Facing our True Enemies

©2010 drkate

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) recently reviewed the 2010 election results, conceding that the republican win was a ‘setback’ for the “party of labor and the people”.  In plain site, the progressives, democrats, labor unions, and the CPUSA demonstrate their collusion–

The shocking aspect of this podcast is the extent to which they believe their own bullsh**–that most of America wants the communist/ progressive agenda.  The lies are fast and furious.
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Psycho-terror at Home

©2010 drkate

Psychological Operations or PSYOP are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of organizations, groups, and individuals.

While the term ‘psyop’, and its use against foreign countries by all intelligence agencies is known generally, unbeknown to most of us is that psychological operations on the American public have actually been underway for quite some time–by our own intelligence agencies.

Viewing the ‘Obama operation‘ through the lens of Web Tarpley, and understanding Brzezinski’s role as adviser to Obama and as an orchestrator of plans to destroy Russia and enable the New World Order,  it is apparent  that psyops are likely tools that would be useful to both project Obama and  to further their cause.

Used in all aspects of war, it is a weapon whose effectiveness is limited only by the ingenuity of the commander using it. PSYOP is one of the oldest weapons in the arsenal of man. It is an important force protector/combat multiplier and a non-lethal weapons system.

Radio programs broadcast into foreign countries; flyers over villages; infiltrators who are agitators or worse; and false ‘news reports’ or ‘facts’ are the psyops we are most familiar with, and it is easily seen today with the major media.  It is a not so subtle information campaign.

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Terrorists Have More Rights than Army LTC Lakin

©2010 drkate

Obama targeting Armed Forces?

In Obama’s siege of America, terrorists get trials, and decorated Army officers go to jail.  In other words, treason is the rule: Obama provides aid and comfort to the enemy, and through sedition, rules of engagement, deployments, and malicious prosecution,  attacks the armed forces of the United States.

The Terrorists with Rights

Obama’s  so-called “justice department”, led by terrorist-sympathizer Eric Holdup brings terrorists to New York for a civilian trial based on the U.S. legal system, where great care is taken to protect the terrorist by excluding evidence obtained by torture.

Eric Holdup

Defendant Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani denies helping al-Qaeda kill 224 people in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa. The judge ruled the witness could not testify as he had been named by Mr Ghailani while he was “under duress”. A BBC correspondent says the move complicates plans to try Guantanamo detainees in civilian courts.  The Obama administration is hoping to hold such trials for a number of high-profile inmates, including alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. New York Judge Lewis Kaplan postponed Mr Ghailani’s trial, which had been due to begin on Wednesday. The decision was a blow to U.S. prosecutors.

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Obama’s Mental Collapse?

©2010 drkate

“If he doesn’t go, the nation itself is in danger, by virtue of his intrinsic incompetence.

Increased pressure is on Obama now, as he faces historic rejection  of  ‘his’ party ego, and as his Achilles heel arrives on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court…with nothing but straw covering it.   Is he cracking under the pressure? And is his resultant instability generating efforts to remove him from office?

Invoking the use of the 25th Amendment  and Presidential disability, Lyndon LaRouche has issued a called for Obama’s immediate removal. Speaking on LPAC-TV’s October 6th Weekly Report, he stated:

“Last night, on the basis of information received, I moved for the 25th Amendment for the ouster of the President, on those grounds. The reason of the timing was the general situation, the manifest state of the President’s mind, or at least behavior: that he is actually in the kind of mental condition, which warrants his ouster on this.

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The Usurpathon’s October Surprise

©2010 drkate

The reason we are running this marathon usurpathon, is because our country and our lives are at stake.  Aside from the need to stay the course on the upcoming election, two fundamental tests of our Constitution demand our sole attention–NOW.

At issue is Obama’s constitutional ineligibility for the office of the President…so fundamental a violation of  the Constitution as to place our nation’s security, our lives and future at risk.  These related seminal events are:

  • Whether the U.S. Supreme  Court will  take the Kerchner case and define a ‘natural born citizen’, or whether it will deny individual citizens’ standing to enforce the Constitution
  • Whether LTC Terrence Lakin will be convicted by court martial–having been denied the right to a fair trial for questioning whether his orders were from a legal Commander in Chief

The seriousness of both of these imminent events is shown by  the extent to which the rule of law has had to be subverted in order not to hear the cases or allow discovery under any circumstances.  When the most fundamental rights are denied, something big is going down.

This is a second call to action for those Patriots and Constitutionalists among us who want to STOP THEM COLD by focusing on Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility for the Presidency.  DrKates Platoon seeks your advice, participation wherever you are, and support in ‘spreading the word’ about these actions.

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Taking Obama to the Woodshed

©2010 drkate

The president is not our teacher, our tutor, our guide or ruler. He does not command us, we command him. We serve neither him nor his vision. It is not his job or his prerogative to redefine custom, law and beliefs; to appropriate industries; to seize the country, as it were, by the shoulders or by the throat so as to impose by force of theatrical charisma his justice upon 300 million others. It is neither his job nor his prerogative to shift the power of decision away from them, and to him and the acolytes of his choosing.~ Mike Pence 9/20/10

This is one of the most inspiring and strengthening speeches I have ever heard.

The full text of the speech can be found here.

“The Bigger the Government, the Worse the Citizen”

©2010 drkate

Hat Tip, New Zeal

“A society does not survive if there is not a reason to survive”

A profound statement…and responsibilities across generations.  What are your thoughts?

Turning the Tables

©2010 drkate

Poster from

The effort to bring attention to a legitimate constitutional question of Presidential eligibility has been fraught with unbelievable distractions, ridiculous denials even from so-called ‘patriots’, and cold stone silence from the judicary, Congress, our friends and family.  The intent is to make us feel like we are isolated and crazy.  We see the sheet of rain that engulfs us; no one else apparently can. We are told to move on, as there is nothing to see there.

It has almost worked.  Almost.

Like a child asking to be caught, Obama has raised the issue once again by whining of the ‘lies’ about his background.  Asked about his faith, he responded with complaints about his birth certificate.  Surely this is a ploy to foster the image of a beleaguered pResident,  but again refocuses the concern to the ‘birth certificate’, not his actual citizenship.  He is trying, through his own reverse pressure, to get the general public to accept the forged certification of live birth as ‘proof’ of his citizenship.

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The Siege Begins

©2010 drkate

…all the great soldiers, who cannot get older, they’re asking after you…

Out from the depths, out of every seam on the sidewalk, from every neglected corner, from the ether we come–filled with the mission of thousands, and the intention of millions to begin the usurpathon–the  siege and removal of the Obama administration.

An advance force are we, bringing the warnings, the evidence, the constitutional strategies for stopping the illegal occupation of the White House.  We have the intent of focusing on the only tool we have left to defeat Obama and his agenda–the Silver Bullet, his Achilles heel–his lack of constitutional eligibility.

Make no mistake, Soebarkah is an instrument of the New World Order and is intent upon implementing their agenda.  They chose the easily manipulated, drug addicted narcissist and made a calculated risk that no one would notice he was not an American.  They should have chosen the ‘all American girl’ Clinton, who would have done the same thing, I am convinced, only more subtly.  And there wouldn’t be a ‘silver bullet‘ or natural born citizenship Achilles heel through which to stop this takeover.

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©2010 drkate

The sovereignty reserved to the states, was reserved to protect the citizens from acts of violence by the United States, as well as for purposes of domestic regulation.

The concept of ‘nullification’ is gaining increasing attention as a way to check the encroachment of the federal government, and is applicable both in a jury situation as well as at the state level.  The discussion of nullification gets right at the correct balance of power between the federal and state governments in our Constitutional Republic.

While the states have a long tradition in the  use of nullification of unconstitutional federal law, the most common focus of the ‘nullification’ discussion relates to the Civil War.  Thus, mention the concept of nullification in any kind of conversation, and one is  instantly accused of being anti-government and wanting to secede from the United States.  One is assumed to be in favor of a civil war now–between the states and the federal government, between the left and the right wing, ad naseum.  Visions of the Civil War, of course, enable the ensuing if subtle accusations of racism.  And  current ‘popular’ assessments of nullification assert that the doctrine has been completely rejected.

So to effectively use nullification as a viable tool to restore our Constitutional Republic, three concepts need to be clearly understood:

  • Where the sovereign power to control the federal government rests
  • The state tradition of nullification
  • The Civil War’s initiation and the role of  nullification

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“We shouldn’t be playing any games with this man”

©2010 drkate

The General has that one right.

Another General speaks up for Lt Col Terry Lakin.  Does anyone think he is playing a game? (Note, yes, he gets ‘native’ wrong, but the focus is correct)

Do you think this man, a retired Army Officer, is playing a game?

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Lies that Bind

©2010 drkate

Starting nearly from scratch to uncover the truth of the Constitution, and constructing a pathway forward through the constitutional crises we face, author Martin Babitz begins with a basic question, and an answer:

“if our federal government can do whatever it deems proper, controlled only by our mere right to elect or re-elect certain officials every few years, what makes our system different, providing greater liberty than all the others that have free elections but are dominated by a supreme national government?  Nothing.”

We have been taught to believe that federal power is limited only by ‘checks and balances’ among branches of government against each other, and the authority of the people to elect officials in those branches every few years.  Indeed, judicial decision-making regarding standing in the constitutional case of Obama’s usurpation confirms this view: this critical issue is relegated to the ballot box (via the political question) or dismissed due to some fictional standing argument about the branches of government.

The problem for the government and the justices is that the people are waking up.  We get it now, so no amount of bamboozling is going to put us back to sleep.

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The Transparent Despot

© 2010 drkate

The Despot

We have in Obama personally, and in the government itself, a classic example of a despot, and despotism.


  • A master; a lord; especially, an absolute or irresponsible ruler or sovereign.
  • One who rules regardless of a constitution or laws; a tyrant.
  • Colloquially, ‘despot’ has been applied pejoratively to a person, particularity a head of state or government, who abuses his power and authority to oppress his people, subjects or subordinates. In this sense, it is similar to the pejorative connotations that have likewise arisen with the term ‘tyrant‘. ‘Dictator’ also has developed nearly similar pejorative connotations, though ‘despot’ and ‘tyrant’ tend to stress cruelty and even enjoyment therefrom, while ‘dictator’ tends to imply more harshness or unfair implementation of law.

The element of cruelty applies particularly well to Obama, whose hatred for all things American is evident in every policy action, every maladministration of public affairs, every inaction, appointment, and Executive Order he signs.

The only silver lining is that this despot’s agenda and actions are now so obvious that they are easy targets to use.  For the now-exposed agenda offers an opportunity to lay the foundation for the wholesale removal of the current government and its corrupt judiciary, and its replacement by a Constitutional government.

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Declaration of Restoration

As determined by the Gulf Task Force:

The government of the United States has breached its constitutional, moral, and legal obligation to provide for the defense of our nation, economy and natural resources through its inept, impotent, and ineffective prevention of and response to the BP oil well explosion disaster.  Specifically,

  • BP reported the well was in trouble as early as February 1, 2010, and sought White House assistance.
  • Four federal agencies, with White House permission, waived environmental regulations for a well that had never been drilled to that subsurface depth in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The federal government, in violation of the law, is allowing a foreign corporation to take charge of the clean up while reaping billions off any oil recovered
  • The federal government has stifled the efforts of the states of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to protect their shoreline and drinking water supplies, and has stifled the efforts of ordinary citizens to do the same

Collectively, we the people and the States retain rights not specifically enumerated to the federal government, which include the declaration of emergency conditions and the enactment of steps to protect our people, land base, resources, and economy.

Therefore, in light of the government’s failure and the imminent threat posed to the people and the States, We the People declare the inherent right to independently exercise our rights to protect our citizens, property, water,  land and economic base, shoreline, and natural resources.

For Immediate Release:

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Stop Them Cold: The Usurpathon

©2010 drkate

Announcing The Usurpathon: A Rolling ‘Velvet Revolution’ to Remove the Usurper, et al

We’ve been running a marathon, and now we know fully who Obama/Soetoro is, who he is not, and what he is about. We also are aware that he is a tool of others–whose agenda is decisively anti-American, and that this program is in open, full swing against the American people.

America in Distress

Inspired by the agreement and comments generated in The Silver Bullet, and by an article on the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution, the hour has arrived…to Stop Them Cold.

A General Framework

The main focus of this effort is Obama’s lack of eligibility for the Presidency, and to boldly put forth that he is a usurper. Naming it ‘usurper’, and being prepared to say–verbally and with signage– ‘usurping is not racist, its illegal’,  is critical to defining the terms of the discussion, and reclaims the language.

We must offer a solution that is rooted in our Constitution:

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Gulf Coast Blues

©2010 drkate

8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast ino the sea; and the third part of the sea became blood;

9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed  REVELATION 8:8,9 (KJV)

Was this event Krakatoa, Iceland, or is it the Gulf of Mexico oil leak brought on intentionally and with disregard for all life on the Gulf Coast?

The Gulf Coast disaster is unfolding before my our eyes, and it may be that event of biblical proportions; certainly it is not something to pass off. I want to take action now, but what? American Politics 101 aired a show on June 16 that is a must listen, and can be found here.

Today the BP executive is being ‘grilled’ before congress.  Like a bright light, it becomes very clear that Congress thinks its doing its job by sounding all bravado and grilling a company executive. No, ‘hearings’ in Congress are nothing more thanshow time.

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©2010 drkate

It’s the midnight hour in America, and from now on no one sleeps without one eye open.  You can feel it in the air, it will be time to act in a big way sometime soon.

This Patriot warrior will be taking a midnight ride to the Dakotas, where I will be working for a few months.  One foot in the mountains, the other in the great plains, I’m gonna ‘run to keep from hiding’.  I will be on the road for the next week or so, and will still be posting…hopefully not always at midnight. 😯

Help me stay up to date while on the road please!  🙂

Chemtrails for Climate Control

©2010 drkate

According to the WiseUp Journal, Hughes Aircraft Company was issued a patent by the U.S. Government in 1990 relating to technology filed in 1965, called “Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming”, which called for the use of aluminum in jet fuel to deflect sunlight.  From the patent:

“United States Patent      5,003,186 U.S. Patent Documents3222675 December 1965> “Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming”. This invention relates to a method for the reduction of global warming resulting from the greenhouse effect, and in particular to a method which involves the seeding of the earth’s stratosphere with Welsbach-like materials.

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The Badlands

©2010 drkate

badlands, area of severe erosion, usually found in semiarid climates and characterized by countless gullies, steep ridges, and sparse vegetation. Badland topography is formed on poorly cemented sediments that have few deep-rooted plants because short, heavy showers sweep away surface soil and small plants. Depressions gradually deepen into gullies.

Badlands Topography, South Dakota

We have been brought to the badlands of the landscape of our Constitutional Republic…we have navigated many roads, mountains, valleys; forded many rivers and treacherous streams, and crossed a thousand oceans. We have experienced many landscapes in our 5,000 year leap made possible by the drafting of the Constitution for the United States, each of them carved by our own work, deliberation, blood, tears, hopes, and fears.

But now we stand on the edge, if not deep within, the slippery landscape of dramatic change, with shifting sands beneath, nothing  rooted beneath our feet; the ‘bedrock’ is made of clay, hardened by heat and pressure but unable to support the pillars above.  Torrential rain wipes away any gain at stability; a shortcut results in  cavernous disaster.

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Thank You

©2010 drkate

In memory of all those who have died in the service of our beloved country, I offer the following Tributes.

We are the land of the free, because of the brave.

“Taps”–The Most Sacred of Bugle Calls

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The Face of Retribution?

©2010 drkate

When I think of the circumstances of our Nation right now, and what we face, it becomes apparent that some greater design of conflict is upon us.  I have been inspired by the possibility of prayer and intention and the massive awakening of Americans. Yet, when I contemplate the Invisible Empire, and that the entire 20th Century was used to dig the New World Order’s  tentacles into America, I despair. For no human power it seems can defeat this, or even thwart it.

Lifting my face up, I see that greater force acting through the earth, through nature, to exact retribution.  The NWO bankrupted Iceland.  Oops, big volcanic eruption, likely to cause extended air travel problems throughout the world.

Crater of Eyjafjallajokull

Photo: A radar image shows the crater of Eyjafjallajokull in southeast Iceland which has caused the cloud of volcanic ash to spread over Europe

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