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Group Psychology as a Weapon

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(h/t Tenacity)

The World on the NWO Chessboard

The World on the NWO Chessboard

We come back to familiar roots of deception:  Woodrow Wilson, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Dulles brothers, Kissinger, Brzezinski, the Bush boys, McCain, the Clintons, and the latest stooge–Obama…and why even if we remove every Congressman and Senator, we will be in the same spot as we are now.  There is no real ‘bringing America back’ until we unseat the real power behind the throne(s).  We have much in common with the peoples around the world who are subject to these same forces.

This film asserts that we can use these same tactics for good–

Study these writings

Walter Lippman, “Public Opinion

George Creel, ran Wilson’s “Committee on Public Relations“…to “make the world safe for democracy”

Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, “Propaganda”

Gustav Le Bon, “The Crowd


Open Thread.

Science and the Progressives

©2009 drkate

(A second article looking at liberal fascism)

Click for more informationThis article continues the discussion of the undoing of the Constitution and the simultaneous rise of liberal fascism in the United States, but takes a slight detour to focus on some of the earlier philosophical and science-based underpinnings of the movement away from Constitutional governance.

This is not an insignificant ‘detour’, as currently the ‘scientific discoveries’ about ‘global climate change’, and the ‘remedies’ proposed require a wholesale abandonment of the Constitution, almost 100 years after Woodrow Wilson first openly called for it. [note: click the image for more info]

Here are some important dates and people that frame this discussion, and linked references for your further examination:

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