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The Navy Commander versus Col. Obot

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The Court Martial proceedings , held in the Magistrate’s Court at the Army’s Ft. Meade, were accompanied by significant military and local police presence inside and outside the Courtroom.  It was patently designed to intimidate Lakin’s  family and supporters and was perfectly in line with the military and Homeland Security masters’ intent to demonize patriotic Americans, particularly on the issue of Obama’s  eligibility.  This military presence was complete with tasers, batons, hand guns, handcuffs, and emergency vehicles, as well as the usual round of rumors that ‘violence’ was expected from the public.

Yet the only violence exhibited was by an Obot  Colonel  against an Article II Constitutionalist, aka, ‘birther’,  Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret.).  This is a first hand account, supplemented by CDR Charles Kerchner’s recount of the interaction.

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Military Court Hears Doubts of Obama’s Eligibility

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During the penalty phase of the Court Martial, doubt of Obama’s eligibility was the elephant on the witness stand.

I presume its legal to have this elephant occupy the couch?

Having now pleaded guilty to the second lesser charges, and found guilty on the first, more serious charge, Judge Lind wasted no time in moving to the sentencing phase for the Court Martial of Lt. Col Terrence Lakin.  The surprise was that the prosecution immediately played the Terry Lakin tape, the one where he told the world he was refusing orders until Obama has proven that his orders are legal…so Lakin is denied his defense but the prosecution is allowed to introduce this evidence?

This move by the prosecution may have backfired, however, when the ‘gallery’ erupted into loud clapping and cheers, causing the ‘precise’ Judge Lind to lose control over the courtroom and the panel to look flabbergasted despite the starch, stiff shoulders, spiffy shined shoes, and perfectly coiffed hair.  Lakin’s supporters were ultimately used by the prosecution–and the defense— to attempt to diminish his principled stand…suggesting it was we who ‘talked him into it’ and underwrote his entire defense.  A crude prosecution move not executed well by the government’s ‘team b’,  or was it team c?

While the prosecution played the tape to embarrass Lakin, how can anyone not see the intelligence, honesty, and conviction which  conveyed the seriousness and deliberation with which Lakin ‘invited his own Court Martial’ to bring attention to Obama?

And as we were to find out later,  before Lakin had made that tape he had taken his concerns all the way up his chain of command, including the Army Chief of Staff, General Casey.  The tape was his last step after having exhausted all his remedies. The Officer had sounded the alarm and the Army chose to shoot the messenger.

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