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Questions for Marco Rubio

©2011 drkate

This essay is written to clarify the questions regarding Senator Marco Rubio’s constitutional eligibility for the office of Vice President or President.  During this study, it has become apparent how important the citizenship of the parents is to determining whether the child is a natural born citizen and why this remains a national security issue at its core.

Natural Born Citizen?

We understand that in the 235 years of our Nation’s history, the definition of ‘natural born citizen’ as used in our Constitution has not changed.  From this it is paramount that both parents must be citizens and have no foreign allegiance when the child is born in order for that child to be the Constitutional Article II natural born citizen.  On the surface then, Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen because his parents were not American citizens at the time of his birth but naturalized four years later.

One would think this is the end of the story.  Not.

Rubio’s supporters, including republicans who don’t think about Article II, obots still trying to justify Obama’s existence, and the Tea Party, will want to bury Rubio’s natural born citizen issue first and foremost, perpetuating or covering up the constitutional crisis we are in with the usurper Obama. This will be done either for expediency to defeat Obama or continuing to cover for Obama, but it perpetuates a disservice to our Constitution.

For those who would like to take an analytical approach, examining the real questions of citizenship instead of glossing over them, this article is for you. The analysis reveals that in order for Marco Rubio to stand for either President or Vice President, he would need a SCOTUS ruling to determine if his citizenship at birth was undivided and unalienable.  Without this ruling, he would be another constitutionally ineligible candidate, no matter how much you like him.

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A 2010 Warning

©2009 drkate

We have to start talking seriously about the 2010 elections so as to ensure we the people do everything we can to stop this socialist train wreck from forever ruining our Constitution and our Nation.  This may be our one biggest opportunity to peacefully stop this slide and begin the “walk back” to constitutional governance (h/t d2i).

We are fed up with republicans, democrats, federal ‘law making’ bureaucrats, the ‘left’, Obama, and the obots, including the ‘o-feminists’ who hate women.    Let’s see, did I miss anyone? 😕

We are fed up with their disrespect for the American people, their disregard for the law, and their disdain at any mention of the Constitution. And we are sick of ‘political correctness’, which has stifled all reasonable debate.

And we want them all out, to form a new party, and get this mess resolved–even though it has taken about 100 years to get to this point, and it is a dangerous one for our Country on many fronts. Many of us refuse to participate in any more ‘elections’.

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