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“Admit the Horse”–A Political Thriller

©2012 drkate

“Set against the background of epic dislocation in the financial markets and a supine media, ADMIT THE HORSE is a political thriller about a dark-horse political candidate whose meteoric rise to the pinnacle of power is engineered amidst illegal campaign contributions, voter fraud, and murder –”

😯 My eyes popped open when I read the jacket description of this recently published book written by Paula Abeles, a host of the popular Sins of Omission BTR show at No Quarter.  Readers here  know that the iniquity of the assault upon our beloved America would also make a great novel…that would unfortunately be based on the truth. 😯

Based upon actual documented events during the 2008 presidential election, the author provides a riveting written documentary of  key threads of what we witnessed in the ‘election’ of 2008, and what has since been confirmed as we move toward the 2012 election.  The book makes good reading and is a page-turnerRevolution Radio recently hosted author Paula Abeles and the archive of the show is HERE.

This book gives me a sense of gratitude for the understanding of the thing we called it back then.  Those of us who love liberty knew that one candidate had the protection and assistance of something far greater than the man himself, and these pages have certainly discussed what those powers might be.  There was indeed a Trojan Horse at the door.  In novel style, Abeles describes how the horse was admitted. The characters include:

…a detective, retired DEA Investigator, an idealistic venture capitalist, an African-American congresswoman, and a suburban mom volunteering for his opponent.

Join us on Revolution Radio for an exciting discussion and review of this book, and the implications of our tasks going forward in 2012.  Please post any questions you might have for the author in comments! 🙂

This thread is dedicated to the remembrance of those events and people, and to the remedy which will make America renew and be anew in God’s eyes as we have answered that call.  Then, Open Thread !

Wire Fraud in the Land of Obama

©2012 drkate

Title 18 U.S.C. § 1343 provides, in part:

Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

Write-in Presidential candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley asserts that by knowingly submitting a forged  certificate of live birth and ‘long form birth certificate’ on line to the American public,

the “scheme” that President Obama appears to have intended is to obtain a job that he is not eligible to hold given his lack of “natural born Citizen” status. See, e.g., United States v. Granberry, 908 F.2d 278, 279 (8th Cir. 1990)

Initially, it is well-settled that the “use of the Internet for transmission of images or messages satisfies the requirement of interstate commerce.” See, e.g., United States v. Carroll, 105 F.3d 740, 742 (1st Cir. 1997). Moreover, to seek to obtain public money – here the salary of the President of the United States – has been recognized as satisfying the “money” element of §1343. See, e.g., Pasquantino v. United States, 544 U.S. 349, 356-57 (2005) (recognizing that money in the public treasury is the government’s “money” for purposes of the mail fraud statute.) 

Candidate Sibley submitted a  certified petition for Writs Quo Warranto and Mandamus to  the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, requesting a jury trial,  setting forth outcomes (a) that Obama be ousted from office and/or prevented from being placed on the ballot for the 2012 presidential election, (b) a directive to the U.S. Attorney to comply with 18 U.S.C. § 3332 and reveal to the Grand Jury the alleged offense of Obama, with the right of Sibley to inform in writing each and every one of the jurors of the offenses of Obama and other criminal acts of federal actors in the District of Columbia.

As with other cases of Quo Warranto  seeking to compel proof of natural born citizenship, the politically-influenced Department of Justice has refused to forward any case or respond to it, just like Jablonski’s  contemptuous and ill-fated attempt to go around the judiciary to quash any action against Obama.

However, Candidate Sibley will not go away quietly, and in a press release issued January 31, 2012 takes the following action:

WASHINGTON D.C. – Coming on the heels of the sworn testimony taken in the Georgia Administrative Law hearing at which expert witnesses testified under oath as to the indications of forgery in Barack Obama’s putative certificates of live birth, POTUS Write-In Candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley has this day amended his Quo Warranto lawsuit pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to demand that the Court enforce 18 U.S.C. §3332.That section requires, upon request of a citizen, that the United States Attorney present information concerning such an alleged offense to the grand jury.

On January 12, 2012, Sibley made such a request. In so much as the United States Attorney has refused to acknowledge the request, Sibley has moved for a writ of mandamus from the Court to compel U.S. Attorney Machen, Jr., to comply with §3332.

Though several individuals have requested state police and/or the F.B.I. to investigate Obama’s putative COLBs, this is the first instance where an individual has invoked 18 U.S.C. §3332 to removed the matter from the discretion of the politically-influenced Department of Justice. Instead, Sibley is taking the allegations of Obama’s wire fraud directly to a federal Grand Jury which has the unfettered power to indict Obama if it finds “there is sufficient evidence of probable cause to justify bringing the accused to trial.”


Citing not only the evidence attached to the First Amended Complaint, Sibley also now has required the assigned Judge – John D. Bates – to take judicial notice of the proceedings in the Georgia Administrative Law matter. In that Georgia case, two expert document examiners testified under oath on January 27, 2012, that the certificates of live birth released by Obama appear to be forgeries.

The ball is now in the Court of the Honorable John D. Bates who must decide whether to enforce the law or allow the questions of: (i) Obama’s eligibility to be President and (ii) his alleged criminal behavior to be shielded from determination by his judicial inaction on these questions.

The battery of lawyers Obama must hire now have to fight fires on all fronts, including the ballot challenges being taken in six (6) more states against Obama, are costing taxpayers and Obama a fortune…the ill-gotten gains of Obama’s entire life of lies.

Obama leads Dems over a waterfall

The Compact is Broken

©2011 drkate

Let’s begin with Bill Whittle’s Afterburner:

This is a powerful lesson on the welfare  and commerce clauses of the Constitution, and their abuse by members of Congress for decades.  What they have set up for themselves is long-term employment as part of the political class…and that is why they don’t raise eligibility, or take their time on investigations essentially to ‘go dark’, and why republicans don’t really want to win the Presidential election. Covering this reality up is the fake ‘republican-democrat’ political game.

desert sky chemtrails

What the whole Obama usurpation, Bill Ayers, OWS, Soros, etc vs America is the much deeper conflict that is finally out in the open…and the sides are pretty clear. The video above points out that there is a fundamental  irreconcilable difference between conservatives and ‘liberals’ (aka the left, communists, fascists, socialist) regarding the Constitution for the United States. The ‘liberals’ believe the Constitution is flawed and is a living document that changes with the time and according to popular vote democracy.  Conservatives believe the Constitution is the law which can only be amended pursuant to the national dialogue called for in Article V.

The political class–which includes the judiciary–being either outspoken or closet ‘liberals’, or having been bought that way to enact the decades long abuse of the Constitution, have broken the contract with We the People who made it. The Constitution doesn’t need to be thrown out, the federal government does.

It’s a “When, in the course of human events it becomes necessary”– moment.

  • We call for their resignations beginning on 11-11-11…with regular follow-up in our states
  • We call for the immediate removal of Obama under the 25th Amendment
  • We call for the prosecution and impeachment of those involved in the 2008 coup
  • We call for the States to refuse to put Obama’s name on the 2012 general election ballot, and begin immediately working on our respective secretaries of state
  • We call for an orderly  return to sound money, the elimination of the federal reserve, and elimination of the unconstitutional income tax.

Your candidate may not say these things, but you need to, every day.

Chemtrail Sunset, Arizona

The Sheriff and the Tea Party

©2011 drkate

A Sheriff is a constitutional officer as he is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as the Constitution of the state he is in.  He is a law enforcement officer. As stated in this post and related to the Sheriff’s important role in reporting the crime of misprision of felony,

The Sheriff … should be one of the recipients of your letter alerting officials of the crime committed by Obama on April 27, 2011.  The Sheriff is one of the last lines of defense against constitutional incursions, be they by a usurper or by the U.N.’s Agenda 21.

The Sheriff has the authority to execute the laws of the state, and most recently has been featured as a critical constitutional authority enforcing the Second Amendment through several states’ Firearms Freedom Protection Act.  In most cases the Sheriff has the right to arrest any federal agent attempting to enforce federal firearms rules on its citizens.

On August 21, 2011 the Surprise, AZ Tea Party sent a letter to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio asking him to investigate Obama’s April 27, 2011 birth certificate, ‘having exhausted all remedies‘ for its examination.  Less than one month later, THIS Sheriff responded with a “Posse Certificatus” (h/t WND) consisting of seasoned investigators. He easily defends his actions (h/t ORYR):

There are reports that two other Sheriff’s have been contacted to conduct an investigation.

Keeping Obama Off the 2012 Ballot

In combination with the 10th Amendment legislation passed by the states much can be done to prevent the fraudulent Obama from even being on any state ballot, even without such state-passed eligibility legislation.

Breaking her oath of office

There are fraud statutes that prevent the defrauding of public officials such as the Secretary of State.  We know that Pelosi submitted a fraudulent document to 49 of the 30 states verifying Obama was eligible under democrat party rules, and one additional fraudulent document to Hawaii stating Obama was constitutionally eligible.

What is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz going to do?  Lie to every state that Obama is constitutionally eligible and get thrown in jail for fraud because she can’t prove it?  A complaint of fraud would need to be filed immediately with the SOS office and the Sheriff in each state, calling for an investigation.  Don’t forget the excellent work of jbjd during and after the 2008 election, which were highlighted in Jerome Corsi’s book, and tools she prepared to spot the fraud.  These are useful today as you follow the paperwork in progress.

Candidate Challenges

Since none of the Republican presidential candidates have bothered to raise the issue of eligibility of Obama, the least thing they can do is to challenge the FEC ruling allowing a foreign-born person eligible to run for office.  A legal challenge should be immediately filed by one of the candidates.  The FEC cannot decide this nor can Congress.

Besides, we already have a definition that has been established for 235 years.

Click to Register for the Birther Summit. Today.

“Why Shouldn’t You be Charged with Misprision of Felony?”

©2011 drkate

Millions of Americans witnessed the felony release of a forged, fake electronic LFCOLB by Barack Hussein Obama on April 27, 2011…and still more reviewed the extensive material documenting its many fraudulent components.

That staged, punk event led me to write this post, urging that Obama’s crime(s) be reported as increasing pressure to force someone to act as suggested in Title 18, 1, Section 4.

Many of you wrote to “officials with authority” to hear this complaint as did Dean Haskins:

Randy Krantz
Commonwealth’s Attorney
123 East Main Street, Suite 302
Bedford, VA 24523

in re: Misprision of Felony

Dear Mr. Krantz:

I am an American citizen who resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia within the county of Bedford.  Pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 1, § 4 (“Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”), I believe I am compelled by law to make known to you that I witnessed the commission of felonious fraud.

On April 27, 2011 Barack Obama released an image that he claimed was his long form birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.  After more than two years of claiming that nothing was available but a Hawaiian abstract (a Certification of Live Birth that was posted on the Internet and was proven to be a forgery), Barack Obama publicly stated, “As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth.”  His usage of the pronoun “we” implies his personal involvement in what was released….

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Wasserman-Schultz, DNC on Notice

©2011 drkate
Civic Action update at end!

What we have going into 2012 is the experience of the fraud of 2008 and everything we have learned since then about how Article II was breached.  In order for the Democrats to run Obama again in 2012, they are going to have to cheat and commit the same fraud which we have documented fully.

Thus one of the focus areas is to knock Obama off the ballot by confronting officials of the democrat party now before they even start the paper trail of fraud.  Using the fraud statutes of your state it may be possible to to challenge anything suspect submitted by the party to the Secretary of State, whether or not the state has an eligibility statute.

In Arizona, the statute is called the fraudulent scheme and artifice statute. It reads, in pertinent part, that “[a]ny person who, pursuant to a scheme or artifice to defraud, knowingly obtains any benefit by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, promises or material omissions” is guilty of a felony (Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 13-2310(A)).

breaking her oath of office

What will be submitted to your Secretary of State?  Whatever the democrats submit to the State we all know it will be fraudulent, so let’s be ready to challenge them at every step.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz –the new Chair of the DNC–needs to be hounded from day one.  She needs to (1) fail in her mission to breach Article II again, and (2) to lose re-election for Congress while she’s at it.  We don’t need any more progressives to hang around and continue to cost us our country.

I’ve drafted the following letter which I intend to send.  I invite your contributions to make this a strong letter that could also be used as a template for others…thanks in advance!  🙂

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“One Party Classroom”

©2011 drkate

Returning to the framework of a watershed as we look at the progressive erosion of the Constitution and American republic, a pervasive tool that has been used to  achieve  total control over the American mind has been the education system.

There are, in my view, several layers to this effort, one of which is that the that core left ideology has been implanted in schools and particularly in liberal arts universities. This ideology reflects generally a socialist or marxist viewpoint that had infiltrated and captured the democrats.

Another layer is that the left ideology in schools, fundamentally anti-American, masks the larger, New World Order agenda superimposed upon the professors and curriculum of the Nation’s ‘leading’ universities. This is the same mask used by the NWO-captured politicians who dance the game of party deception.

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End of the Democrats

©2010 drkate

The democrats have gone back to their true roots–communism ~Pat Cadell

For the love of Country

In these pages we have described the origin of the progressive movement, its ties with communism, fascism and liberalism, and the assault perpetuated on the Constitution of the United States by those people still clinging to these ideologies instead of their guns and bibles.

The culmination of this 130 year assault was the 2008 election, with the blatant installation of a usurper in the White House and the positioning of certain ‘players’ in key power positions.  With these elements in place, a rapid-fire program of destruction was unleashed on the Nation, under the guise of ‘stimulus programs’, ‘bailouts’ and ‘building a “new international image”.

While this series of unfortunate events has brought a ‘change’ that has been swift and brutal for many, it has finally shaken the curtain off the rod and exposed the ‘democrats’ for who they are.  Finally, and fully in the light.

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©2010 drkate

don't lecture me on the constitution, dude.

“Our state constitution is clear: The voters of this state overwhelmingly decided to extend their rights to recall any elected official who is elected and serving the people of this state on all levels of government” ~Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose (R-Sussex)

Tea Party activists in New Jersey who filed a notice with the NJ Secretary of State to recall Senator Bob Menendez under provisions of the NJ and U.S. Constitutions were handed a victory on March 16th when a state appeals court ruled that the recall effort could move forward.  The court determined that the SOS had to accept the petition from a citizens group to recall the Senator, which she had previously refused to do.  The ruling is stayed for 45 days giving Menendez a chance to appeal to the State Supreme Court.

From Politico:

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Communism as the ‘Seed of Treason’

©2010 drkate

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free

Once the health care vote is held, the curtain will have been fully pulled back on all the traitors to the Constitution for the United States of America.  Each of us, having witnessed and recorded their vote, has an absolute right and legal responsibility to report misprision of treason and misprision of felony by these Congressional yahoos.

There is every evidence now, the people must rise: it is in our Declaration of Independence as our unalienable right to cast off tyranny.  It will be this year, and the “only” task before us is the restoration of liberty in America.

The following address by Ezra Taft Benson in 1965 told us then, and told us now…and details precisely how the Constitution was attacked systematically in the 1960’s…when many of us were children or not even born yet.

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©2010 drkate

There are lots of ways to show your support for the Patriots in DC today fighting for our liberties.  Remember the language…who can be against health care?  Look at the signs below in the video–it’s against Obamacare–the socialist take over of health care in the United States.  Head over to Logistics Monster for the story on this great video:


“Permanent Violence to Our Constitution”

©2010 drkate

“Two branches of the United States Government have and are presently intending to transgress the requirements of the U.S. Constitution, rendering the liberty of United States citizens at stake.”~Mark Levin

The appropriately-named “Slaughter House Rules” will be used to slaughter the U.S. Constitution in the drive to ram health care down America’s throat.   The gimmicks used by Congress, in the face of overwhelming public opposition, amount to doing ‘permanent violence to our Constitution’.  This according to Mark Levin, who is readying a lawsuit against the Slaughter House Rules the minute the House acts on health care.

What a disgusting display of vote buying and selling from the petty tyrants. Logistics Monster has the background.  Here’s Judge Napolitano weighing in on the likelihood of success with a case like this.  Hint: the political question.

Americans will be fighting for our liberties this Saturday and Sunday in Washington, D.C.  Please keep everyone of them in your prayers! Congress and Obama have brought this fight to our doors; now it is time for us to bring it to theirs.

Obama’s Marxism, Democrats’ Socialism

©2010 drkate

(Updated with video at end)

The timing was right for the events of the 2008 election, in which the Constitution was blatantly violated by installing  non-natural born citizen and possible non-citizen Obama into the White House.

First, a Gallup Poll highlighted by Gateway Pundit indicates that 52% of democrats have a ‘favorable view of socialism’ .  The poll indicates a fairly successful attempt at subverting the viewpoint of a significant number of Americans in the last four decades, at least.  Click the box to go directly to the poll.

This leaning led in great part to the ascendancy of Obama as the democrats’ only candidate, where, as Pastor Manning recently said, he was successful in telling everyone, even the Clinton machine, to ‘shut up and sit down’.

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Lying to Conceal the True Agenda

©2009 drkate

“The democrats have gone back to their true roots: communism.~Pat Cadell

Logistics Monster has a new article up consisting of two must-see videos describing “What We Are Up Against” with the ‘democrats’ and the Obama administration.  The videos are a panel discussion with David Horowitz, Pat Cadell, and Scott Wheeler. There are some stunning revelations in these videos, which together are about an hour long.

Until the ‘left’ met Alinsky, they ‘broadcast their punches’…”we want a revolution now!’…and were often dismissed.  Horowitz points out that Alinsky taught people to hide their agenda–to pretend to be for the ‘little guy’, ‘women’, and the  ‘environment’–while seeking the true agenda of pure power. Everything is disguised–everything.

Take a look at what the democrats are doing and saying, and examine every speech of Obama’s:  he deliberately lied through his entire campaign.  Does Taqiyya come to mind?

We have a lot of work to do!

A Fist-full of Race Cards

©2009 drkate

Aren’t you tired of being called a racist?  First, Jimmy Carter suggests that Americans’ concern with Obama is at its core, about race.  Then Nancy Pelosi starts crying, shamelessly using gay people to suggest that the Tea Party protests  will result in murder and mayhem.  And of course, the news media saw no one of color at the tea party march, although there were plenty.

Jonah Goldberg nailed it in this RealClearPolitics article:

Of all the poisonous, ugly, and intellectually vapid controversies ginned up in my lifetime, the current breakout of St. Vitus’ Dance over the “racist” opposition to Barack Obama may be the most egregious.

Al Sharpton tells CNN’s Larry King that decent and racially sensitive Americans shouldn’t let a small minority make health care into a “racial issue.”

In case you don’t get the joke, this entire “debate” over whether opposition to Obama’s health-care reform is racist is totally, completely, and in every way conceivable an invention of the Left.

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