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The ONLY Way to Defeat Obamacare Forever

©2011 drkate

…and the failure to use this tool shows the cowardice of everyone who says ‘they’re against it’ and politicians who promise its repeal.  It’s the silver bullet, his Achilles Heel:  Obama is not a natural born citizen and  does not have the constitutional authority to sign any bill into law.

Here’s Congressman Ron Paul with Judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the fundamental unconstitutionality of Obamacare, with which I agree.

To his credit, Dr. Paul introduced legislation  to prohibit the unconstitutional provisions of the bill from going into effect.  It was predictably rejected so more games could be played.  But nibbling halfheartedly around the edges, always with strings attached,  the republican political class prefers to play games and will not use their authority or power to stop  obamacare.

But its not just obamacare—the whole nation will suffer unspeakable harm as the illegal Obama is allowed to continue in office without so much as a peep from any of them on eligibility.  Lawrence Sellin describes the stupidity of the republicans’ 2012 election strategy in ignoring Obama’s lack of constitutional eligibility:

Americans understand that the Democrats are hopelessly corrupt and many are accomplices in Obama’s crimes.They do not understand, however, why the Republicans remain silent as the Obama Administration continues to drive the country towards the precipice. There are two reasons: (1) some Republicans facilitated Obama’s illegal nomination for the Presidency and, subsequently, have been complicit in the cover-up and (2) ignoring Obama’s crimes is part of the Republican 2012 campaign strategy.

I would also add that they hide behind racism and political correctness to essentially cloak their objectives, which are to keep Obama in power.  None of them really want to win.

The only way to defeat Obamacare is for the candidates and Congress to call out Obama.  By what authority did he sign this legislation?  By the  “duties vested in the President”, which he took by force and deception?

Obama usurped the authority of the presidency–took power that he was not entitled to and does not belong to him.  He has no right to use that authority for any reason including signing “obamacare into law”.

Obamacare is wholly invalid because Obama is invalid.  It’s that simple, republican candidates.

“One Party Classroom”

©2011 drkate

Returning to the framework of a watershed as we look at the progressive erosion of the Constitution and American republic, a pervasive tool that has been used to  achieve  total control over the American mind has been the education system.

There are, in my view, several layers to this effort, one of which is that the that core left ideology has been implanted in schools and particularly in liberal arts universities. This ideology reflects generally a socialist or marxist viewpoint that had infiltrated and captured the democrats.

Another layer is that the left ideology in schools, fundamentally anti-American, masks the larger, New World Order agenda superimposed upon the professors and curriculum of the Nation’s ‘leading’ universities. This is the same mask used by the NWO-captured politicians who dance the game of party deception.

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No More Talking

©2010 drkate

If the current government cannot protect the people or the states, then it is our duty to create a government that can.

America in Distress

I am inspired to share with readers the responses to the proposed Constitutional Accountability Project, aka, The Usurpathon activities planned for September 6-9, 2010.  Take a deep breath and consider the realities presented here, for they speak the truth.


I am afraid that this will rebound upon us negatively.  The time for this type of activity has passed.  It will only serve to show the opposition that we are capable of mounting greater numbers, a threat that can be countered.  The time for demonstrations and talking is past.  ONLY an act involving civil disobediance will now serve us.  Force is called for, NOT VIOLENCE OR ARMED REBELLION!!!! Civil disobedience, blocking the State House with Congress inside demanding that these issues be dealt with NOW.  Blocking the Supreme Court with the Justices inside until they agree to quit avoiding the eligibility issue.  Nothing short of that or some similar action will serve to do anything beyond warn the enemy of our increasing ability and allow them to prepare. NO MORE TALKING>

and here:

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Calling All Patriots–Stop the Treason Campaign

©2010 drkate

Captain Neil B. Turner, U.S. Army Ret., reminds us all of the stakes we are facing at this moment:

“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.” -Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959


For over two years now, millions of Americans have become aware of the usurpation brought to the United States in 2008 with the handy work of communists masquerading as corrupt democrats and republicans.  And many of those now see that the usurpation has been part of a long plan to eviscerate America, and comprehend the timing that led the ‘masters’ to decide it was time to move now.  They are in open rebellion right now, rushing to get all the pieces in place for our downfall before we wake up.

I will express my dismay that the Tea Party patriots, the Oath Keepers, conservative Americans, concerned Americans, conservative radio show hosts and commentators, and the so called conservative, constitutional republicans have failed to stand up to this usurpation.  As a result, each of these movements has taken on petition campaigns to stop this bill or that nominee, offered to ‘stand in’ if there is martial law imposed, or made millions writing scathing critiques, all of which  actually legitimizes Obama’s fundamental illegality.

Misprision of felony, anyone?

Every day Obama is in office is an act of treason.

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Declaration of Restoration

As determined by the Gulf Task Force:

The government of the United States has breached its constitutional, moral, and legal obligation to provide for the defense of our nation, economy and natural resources through its inept, impotent, and ineffective prevention of and response to the BP oil well explosion disaster.  Specifically,

  • BP reported the well was in trouble as early as February 1, 2010, and sought White House assistance.
  • Four federal agencies, with White House permission, waived environmental regulations for a well that had never been drilled to that subsurface depth in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The federal government, in violation of the law, is allowing a foreign corporation to take charge of the clean up while reaping billions off any oil recovered
  • The federal government has stifled the efforts of the states of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to protect their shoreline and drinking water supplies, and has stifled the efforts of ordinary citizens to do the same

Collectively, we the people and the States retain rights not specifically enumerated to the federal government, which include the declaration of emergency conditions and the enactment of steps to protect our people, land base, resources, and economy.

Therefore, in light of the government’s failure and the imminent threat posed to the people and the States, We the People declare the inherent right to independently exercise our rights to protect our citizens, property, water,  land and economic base, shoreline, and natural resources.

For Immediate Release:

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©2010 drkate

Our prayers for the Gulf Coast, Americans residing there, and all living things, resonating…

Statement of Dan Gonzales, President, Third Continental Congress



June 27, 2010

My Fellow Americans:

On behalf of the Third Continental Congress, I beg you to please read this message, to completion and then send it to every contact list and person you know. There will be other email updates following this one and due to the media blackout on this crises, we ask that you keep everyone in your circle of influence updated.

We are in grave danger of losing our nation. The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond dangerous or catastrophic, it has now become apocalyptic. Never in the history of our nation have we faced a threat to our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as this current crises. Millions of people are in danger of losing life, loved ones and all property.

BP was given permission to drill to depths that were unsafe and never before tried. They failed miserably and have no clue how to stop this oil volcano. They want to use a nuclear device but are terrified that if they do and it doesn’t work, it would most likely create an even greater hole and more oil and poisonous gases escaping into our beautiful blue ocean.

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The Republic versus the Renegades

© 2010 drkate

…sometime in the not too distant future…

Washington D.C. (UPI). An estimated three million Americans arrived in the U.S. capitol today, including several Governors and state legislators, and together with tens of thousands of bicyclists, at least 30,000 semi tractor trailers, and thousands of buses, literally shut the capitol down.  Federal workers, warned of this event in advance, were not affected as more than 3/4 of the federal workforce stayed home.

The protesters called themselves ‘The Republic’, representing the U.S. Constitution and its form of government.  Seizing the day, “The Republic” called out the current government as “renegade”, runaway government without the consent of the governed.  It was helpful to point out that Obama’s secret service name is ‘renegade’.

The massive crowd and vehicles surrounded the Capitol, the White House, Supreme Court, and the Pentagon with the singular intent of calling for the investigation, indictment, and arrest of Barack Obama. While many were calling for impeachment, all were united behind the now common knowledge around the world that Barack Obama is an impostor and an illegal immigrant to the country, who seized power with the help of the Rothschilds and key government officials who were purchased and took thirty pieces of silver to betray the country.

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Articles of Freedom-The Outline

©2009 drkate

The Articles of Freedom, soon to be published on line in its entirety, is more than just a patriotic ‘feel good statement’. As you will find, it is the culmination of decades of work.  We have exercised our right of petition for redress, which has been ignored with contempt as violations of the Constitution become the rule.

For a first glimpse of the work we did, and what is up-coming, please visit the Continental Congress 2009 Articles of Freedom site.  The Continental Congress 2009 believes that 3%-5% of the American population involved in this effort is enough to shift our government back to Constitutional governance.

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A Present for Congress

©2009 drkate

Continuing the discussion of the Continental Congress’ debate on Article II eligibility, the Delegates initially decided to investigate the issue and develop instructions for the States and the Congress to ensure that a constitutionally ineligible Presidential candidate is never allowed on a State ballot again.  Given the national security threats posed to the United States in the 21st century the Delegates understand that it is especially important to ensure that the President is loyal only to America.

In the last post on the subject, I presented the result of the CC2009’s deliberations as a set of findings and instructions.  There was still a need to address the Delegates’ extreme frustration that Mr. Obama has yet to prove himself constitutionally eligible for POTUS.  The Article II Subcommittee thus developed a cogent statement to Congress expressing this sentiment and requesting the immediate commencement of an investigation.

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Natural Born Citizenship and National Security

© 2009 drkate

For more than a year, our legitimate questions of Barack Obama’s eligibility have been dumbed down, ridiculed, and ignored as if to even raise the issue was somehow racist, anti-American, and being a ‘sore loser’.

Our opposition has used every tool and resource to obfuscate the truth, and the Courts have all ducked their responsibility using various  technicalities of law to deny standing and jurisdiction, or stating the absurdity that properly brought constitutional cases are a ‘political question.’  Is the Constitution now up for a vote?

Well personally I am sick of it, and refuse to back down.  The people who are ‘dumb’ about this issue are the Congress, Obama, Gibbs, the obots, and the media.  We know it, and they do too.

I was thus surprised and humbled be appointed the chair the Subcommittee on Article II Eligibility at the Continental Congress 2009.   A chance to do something about this had dropped in my lap!

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Sing it!

©2009 drkate

Re-member America.  Restore America. Rejuvenate liberty and rejoice. Sing our songs.  Now is the time for all Patriots.


Wow!  Congratulations, America!!

Courtesy of 10th Amendment, this analysis by Zach Moilanen confirms that the 912 March on D.C. was the largest event in the Capitol’s history.

Washington National Mall

Washington National Mall

Enjoy!  The entire analysis is posted below the fold.

Update: CSPAN covered the entire rally with speakers in a two-plus hour video here.  It is a must-view!

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Report: 60,000 or 2 million?

©2009 drkate

What a day!  While ABC was reporting 60,000 attendees at the Washington, D.C. rally for our republic, this time lapse photography suggests that the number of people in Washington today was nearer to 2 million people.

At 10 a.m., D. C. police estimated the crowd at 1.5 million.  By 4 pm, highways into the metro D.C. area were closed to one lane, with buses being turned back.  And still there were lines of Patriots marching to the Capitol.  The ROAR of the crowd was deafening; thrilling; and ‘across time’.

What do you think?

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Constitutional Radio Hits the Road!

©2009 drkate

The Dame Truth and I are pleased to announce that Constitutional Radio will be reporting live from ‘ undisclosed locations’ across America throughout the week, beginning September 7th.  We are attending the 912 events in Washington D.C., along with hundreds of thousands of other patriots, and hope to see you there, in person, on the way, on TV, youtube, or on radio!

In collaboration with Kicking Back with Dame Central , the Dame Truth, and special guest Logistics Monster, we will provide live reporting as well as interviews, analysis, and discussion….I will also be reporting here on my journey from 10,000 feet to nearly sea level to join patriots in the Capital!


©2009 drkate

Happy September 1st!

Time flies even when you’re not having fun! 😯

Reflections…….to be done quietly and in beauty…….

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Glenn Beck Full Week: 8/24-8/28

Hat tip to my friend ‘the goddess of all links’ jeanniejo and to Free Republic for posting all of these links in one place.  This was a terrific week with Glenn Beck!  Enjoy!

Monday 08/24 A 08/24 B 08/24 C 08/24 D 08/24 E

Tuesday 08/25 A 08/25 B 08/25 C 08/25 D 08/25E

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September 12, 2009: Million Patriot March on D.C.

©2009 drkate


Some months ago, Texasdarlin published my piece Rally for the Republic, which was actually a dream I had as the voices rose and the tea parties began to advance.  As it turns out, many patriots had that dream, and it’s coming true on September 12, 2009, in Washington, D.C…..and all over the country!

Spurred in part by Glenn Beck’s vision of America the day after September 11, 2001, the march in Washington on September 12  is a day we remember that we are all Americans, not democrats, republicans, independents; not ‘of color’, not young, old, or middle aged, but Americans.  And that is what happened to me, as to many, this year: we dropped our labels and became Americans.

There are many resources posted on the right hand side blogroll here, including the main 912 site, which shows all the cooperating organizations; the Tea Party Express, which now will have MSM attending rallies across the country; and links to follow.  A schedule of events is available and you can be sure there will be many youtube videos documenting the entire event.  Please also check out The Dame Truth and Logistics Monster for excellent related stories.

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The Continental Congress 2009

©2009 drkate

Historically two Continental Congresses were called to formulate the documents and principles that would be the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of the Confederation. A Constitutional Convention was the gathering that produced the Constitution of the United States of America.

The two Continental Congresses were held during the revolution against the British to declare independence, prosecute the war, and begin formulating a government, and governance.  The Constitutional Convention produced the document we rely on today.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution morally obligate each and every American citizen to uphold its principles.  When we see a pattern of tyranny engulfing the Executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of government, it is our obligation as Americans to right the system.

Here, posted with permission (h/t tenacity), are the remarks by Robert Shultz at the Freedom 21 Conference on the scheduled Continental Congress 2009, November 9-22 in St. Charles, Illinois.  Check out the website Give Me Liberty, on the blogroll, for information on how to get involved.

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